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  • Akira
    Akira joined the group Food Freedom Fighters:
    Food Freedom Fighters
  • Isom Harris
    Yo, this growing your own food at home has been 1 heckuva learning experience. Especially in this desert climate. Its either hot and windy or cold and windy
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    • Isom Harris
      Osubudo Ipapo have you done any mods? like a net or covering to protect it?
    • Isom Harris
      Isom Harris These winds blow on the average 25 mph 3 days a week, 45 mph 3 days a week and zero breeze at all 1 day a week
  • Black farm space in New York!
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    • Omowale Adewale
      Osubudo Ipapo That's what's up
  • This year’s outdoor garden.
  • Peace freedom fighters
  • Day 12
    Day 12
  • Winter time is the best time to plan your next planting season. Take this time to seek new seed companies and research different fertilization methods and most definitely make the needed repairs to any tools and equipment you have. March and April will...  more
  • Day 8 of this aero garden lettuce grow
  • Day 6 of this aero garden grow
    Day 6 of this aero garden grow
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    • T.A.Z.
      T Bridge Nice
      • Jan 3
  • Tunisia  ;Tee Jay; Bey
    Well time to take this group serious and focus on Gardening
  • Food Freedom Fighters
    Much smaller then last years garden (group picture) but still growing something. In the pool is Swiss chards and tomatoes. The grow pouches has sage and rosemary in the top, oregano and basil in the middle and a salad mix in the bottom.
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    • T.A.Z.
      Phillip Robinson-Muhammad Beautiful fresh tomatoes. Just right for frying and letting ripen in the windowsill
  • charles4264BenYahYisrael
    This is the start of getting back what we once controlled for our families and communities.
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    • charles4264BenYahYisrael
      Carl tyson Ya im looking into automation for this are you a good grower

      I'm fairly good at Robotics

      I like farm rings but I need more farming knowledge
    • charles4264BenYahYisrael
      charles4264BenYahYisrael I am fairly good at growing certain things but would like to expound on more things to raise. I want to be able to grow many different things so I can trade with our people.
      • September 3, 2021
  • Osubudo Ipapo
    what yall gardens looking like? where the produce?
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    • Osubudo Ipapo
      Phillip Robinson-Muhammad Peace brother mine looks a mess. The heat and lack of rain has me behind the 8ball. It's going to be a late harvest foe me this year.
    • Osubudo Ipapo
      Isom Harris I pulled an empty purple potato plant this morning. Imma pull some white potatoes later. 🥔 photo to follow
    • Osubudo Ipapo
      Tetaeyoun Ríchard If I remember, I'll get some pics tomorrow.
      Like this comment so I'll get a notification please
      • July 28, 2021
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  • Angelia Duncan
    A work in progress! 2nd year I'm excited!
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    • Angelia Duncan
      Tycer Greigh Keep up the good work.
      • April 20, 2021
    • Angelia Duncan
      D Reigns How's it looking now?
      • July 7, 2021
  • Cali Rez
    My 2020 summer garden. Peppers, squash, zucchini, cucumbers, and herbs.
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    • Cali Rez
      Siavon Lorrin This looks amazing. What do you do for fresh veggies during the winter months? Farmers market? View 1 Reply
  • SM Smbahons
    This is one of the agriculture groups ...