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  • Snapped a shot of the these Chery tomatoes before I ate them
  • Personally I prefer shower then flat when I do my second pass or mist when I'm being lazy propping the hose up against something in the garden.

    Which are your favorite settings?
    • Crystal Carter
      Phillip Robinson-Muhammad Depends on how dry it is and what I'm watering. Shower works well but mist is good fro the smaller leafy plants that can't take too much direct watering. Center only works when I get thirsty and need a drink for myself.
  • Food Freedom Fighters
  • This is the start of getting back what we once controlled for our families and communities.
  • I have four watermelon that are starting to grow with biggest currently the size of a large orange
    Tried growing them last year and was unsuccessful, fingers crossed?
  • Posting some greens I harvested in the group. Looks like the group may not be as active as it once was.
  • what yall gardens looking like? where the produce?
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    • Osubudo Akala  Ipapo, CEO
      Phillip Robinson-Muhammad Peace brother mine looks a mess. The heat and lack of rain has me behind the 8ball. It's going to be a late harvest foe me this year.
    • Osubudo Akala  Ipapo, CEO
      HelloMyNameIs DrGreenThumb I pulled an empty purple potato plant this morning. Imma pull some white potatoes later. 🥔 photo to follow
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  • Angelia Duncan
    A work in progress! 2nd year I'm excited!
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    • Angelia Duncan
      Tycer Greigh Keep up the good work.
      • Apr 20
    • Angelia Duncan
      D Reigns How's it looking now?
      • Jul 7
  • Cali Rez
    My 2020 summer garden. Peppers, squash, zucchini, cucumbers, and herbs.
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    • Cali Rez
      Siavon Lorrin This looks amazing. What do you do for fresh veggies during the winter months? Farmers market? View 1 Reply
  • SM Smbahons
    This is one of the agriculture groups ...
  • Higher  Level
    Cucumber I almost didnt see. Another one was overripe so I fed it to the chickens
  • Higher  Level
    Tiniest bananas ever!!!
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    • Higher  Level
      Higher Level I also trimmed the banana trees, as I finished up the yard I put all the clippings around the plants that will be producing fruit next year... I cut back over half of the growth and many small suckers.
      • September 18, 2020
    • Higher  Level
      Higher Level A few suckers I will move to another location.
      • September 18, 2020
    • Higher  Level
      Afruika Miss Either that or your hands are as big as my door. Happy harvest🤗
    • Higher  Level
      Sue Shaw Those are so cute.
      • September 22, 2020
  • Higher  Level
    First salad completely out my garden...
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    • Higher  Level
      Amber Jackson Congrats!
    • Higher  Level
      Siavon Lorrin That's really dope!