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  • Rah-mah Mercy
    For those who haven't met me. I'm the co-owner of Our Stop Shop & we equip the Black community with resources and info for economic empowerment. We expose you to tons from coupons, budgeting, credit, real estate, investing, life insurance, budgeting,...  more
  • ASAP!
  • Want to learn more about the electricity you pay for and interested in saving THOUSANDS annually?!

    Our contact information is on the meme 👌🏾
  • To the enemy🤬 know this; I am
  • Honored to be a part of this group ✊🏾
    Blaqsbi | Post: US Patent for Remote control device with credit
  • Proud Black and Intelligent
  • Make no mistake The Ku Klux Klan are diehard Christians. Diehard Christians who use the Bible to fit their narrative. This is what they processed (Deuteronomy 21:23: "Anyone who is hung on a tree is under God's curse”.

    This is...  more
  • No matter the accomplishments
    Respect is always shown to elders
    Without them there is no you.
  • Tulsa, Oklahoma and Mayor GT Bynum Removes the Black Lives Matter Street Mural Painted in the Historic Greenwood District Under the Cover of Night.

    City contractor Becco Contractors arrived on Greenwood Avenue about 3 a.m., and by 6:15 a.m. the nearly...  more
  • This is sick!.. but what is sicker is a society that puts people in a position to make choices like this an option for survival.
    In ILESA in OSUN State,
    NIGERIA,Human parts Seller
    Caught Red Handed.
    Man...  more
  • Dear PBI members, it is ok to drop knowledge in the group.
  • From student to teacher

    Once you influence a child its thinking is no longer free. It follows the messenger until it out grows the messenger mentally then it is free of the messengers training but not the influence learned from the message.
    Not until
    ...  more
  • My definition of a free thinker.

    1. Someone who mind is empty of influence.
    A empty cup ready to be filled with the information provided to it.

    2. Someone who has all the information and can clearly and educationally make a unbiased choice based on
    ...  more
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    • King Mike
      LOUBENDrew Williams 3. someone who mines their own mind like a miner, researching themselves and the universe within to know what is and what isn't
      • Oct 10
  • Understand all you can do is make information available. People don't wake up they die off and another group of free thinkers are born into the world. What they learn and their point of view depends on the information available to them.
  • Today's great person of Color is....

    Ralph Bunche

    Born Ralph Johnson Bunche
    August 7, 1903
    Detroit, Michigan
    Died December 9, 1971 (aged 68)
    New York City
    Known for Mediation in Palestine, Nobel Peace Prize recipient
    Religion...  more
  • Proud Black and Intelligent
    Proud Black and Intelligent — with Austin  Black  and 11 othersChristopher Lavender
    @think730 .
    Alisa Younger
    Levai Brazille
    Alana Humphrey
    Felonious King
    Elroy Jetson
    David styles
     Brittni Chantelle
    A.J. Duane
    Fietta Campbell
    One of the biggest tactics your oppressor has pressed you with was instilling inside you to follow someone's image instead of someone's message. Let a man be a man but let his message resonate within you if you check his facts and see that his...  more
  • Proud Black and Intelligent
    Proud Black and Intelligent — with A.J. Duane and 8 others@think730 .
    Alana Humphrey
    Andree' (Relentlezz Dre) Butler
    A.V. Park Ball Network Knowles
    Elroy Jetson
    Anthony Henry Henry
    ACE Johnson
    Luther Cosentine
    You need to really give some thought about who your ancestors were forced to pray to. What or who you really think is God. God's evil men pray to to protect other evil men can not be a God that protects you.
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    • King Mike
      A.V. Park Ball Network Knowles I won't be praying...
  • I think this is great.. whatever it takes to get his kid to stop.
    So many blacks are walking around sleep walking as if the powers at be have us in mind for their future. We as people need to create our own as every race besides ours does for itself....  more