The New Edition Story

  • I finally sat down and watched The New Edition Story! Yes thank the MOST HIGH for on demand because it took me two days to see the entire movie with absolutely no commercials.  Everyone knows I look at things with a conscious mind. 

    First off I love the guidance that elder Brook Payne had on the entire group. He was a father, mentor and friend to all of the boys. Second, I love the positive image of these young boys who was all raised by single mothers. Instead of turning to the crime singing lead them in another direction. Third, Bobby Brown & Mike Bivens set the tone, image and swag for NE which made this entire group of men reinvent themselves over and over again. NE is not like any other group of its time simply a phenomenon. Fourth, wow according to BBD interview on the Breakfast Club 95% of the movie was true events. The only fictional character was the second manager Gary Evans.

    Fifth, Johnny Gill was exactly the right cure for NE because his voice had a direct relationship with Ralph. Him coming into the group most definitely turned NE from boys to men. Sixth, did you all catch that all of the members had successful solo careers except Ralph Tresvant? That was really strange because the record companies put him a pedestal. Seventh, who knew that Ricky Bell was on drugs? Last but not least, this group went from rags to riches and unlike other R&B groups was able to work out their differences and remain brothers for over 30 years. Remind me of my sistahood with close girlfriends. At the end of the day we must put our differences aside and unite.

    Love you much smoochies!

    Sammie Atkins

    Bell, Biv & Devoe on Breakfast Club


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