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New Moon Total Eclipse 23' Sag - 12/14/2020

  • This is my perspective and thoughts about the upcoming New Moon Total Solar Eclipse tomorrow. This may or may not be for you, you may or may not relate to it, that is perfectly fine. With that being said:

    A new moon is an opportunity to set new intentions and start new things. This new moon on Monday 12/14/2020 is super charged by the eclipse of the Sun. The energy it brings is expansive and lucky. There will be a shift, fresh new insights and changes, some happening very quick with very little effort on our part.

    We have the opportunity to gain new understanding and receive clarity with a promise of healthy detachments. A brand new phase in life, optimistic perspectives and healthier ways to engage with one another as well as expanding our horizons are also there for us. ***Fire signs will feel this shift on a higher level. The trine/pyramid will form opening a door wide for new beginnings, a new you and new phases to come in. It can very easy to manifest your truest intentions. Set your intentions for the next phase and believe you will receive it.


    The energy of this new moon solar eclipse is one of luck, opportunity, good fortune and expansion. It also brings deep thinking, emotional sensitivity and a need to let go of what no longer services you, old beliefs that limit you.

    As mentioned, detachments may be easier for some who are willing to let go, but will be healthy detachments for all of us. There is a reality check happening- the time to be honest with yourself and about yourself, as well as the goals you have set during 2020. Eclipses can give us an opportunity to release things, we may find we no longer feel stuck or limited. The reality check allows us to expose the reasons for those restrictions and limitations, and why we had to go through those difficulty situations and times and to expose the lessons and knowledge needed to finally move forward. Eclipses signal a time of completions and endings, 2020 is ending/completing but so are things in our lives. We may end or let go of that which no longer serves our highest good but we will gain from letting go. Something has to go to make room for the new. ***Sag will feel this strongly***

    The gain we receive will be different for each of us, but no doubt the luck will be changing for good or bad. The circle has finally closed and we can now reap the benefits of our hard work, or conversely, if we have not been right we will reap the benefits of that. Something has completed its phase and the fortune is now about to change. All in all, if we think about the direction we want to go in and focus on that and where change is needed this will set us up for the new phase we are entering. We have the opportunity to clear out toxic relationships in your life, this can be any type of relationship (family, friends, lovers), in some cases this will happen regardless. This will take time to complete itself, it wont happen overnight, but it will usher in a space for Newness to come into your life.

    Peace and Prosperity

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