Melanated People - Freestyle

  • So I seen Nicky J Dawson She posted about this Cuz I wanna be free I saw myself in She I can relate to We She said From FB we gotta flee Brought up memories From our history FB locked us up But Melanated People had the key Then I came to the site And said this should be aight Praying to God we don’t fight And keep it real tight Elevating with all our might Cuz freedom is in clear site This kinna like our 40 acres and a mule So must nurture this and grow Go back and get some mo’ Like Harriet Tubman and Sankofa Go back to what we know Even if it seems dull new Our ancestors wrote the rules The values are all true This is the thing we gotta do Rise up and build our own Take our seat on our thrown... #freestyle #myintro

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