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"The Black §un (§aturn) & Hiram Abiff,"

  • The freemasonic brotherhood/society allegory of "Hiram Abiff" i.e Chi-Ram Abiff, who was murdered by the "3 Ruffians" which are the "3 Rough Ages" of Taurus, Aries, Pisces. The last age of Pisces is embellished by the savior "Jesus" sending us a "Message", because this is the last "Age" in which everythang is made into a "Mess", thus the "Mess+Age". Did you receive the message in this "Mess Age / Age of Mess" ? Please, take a look around at the planet / plan e.t. / plan it, see the Mess humanity has created ? It is getting worse by the minute, therefore necessitating a "Cleanse" !!!

    Hiram Abiff i.e. Chi-Ram Abiff, is the freemasonic allegory depicting the demise of the 2nd §un/Son, and here is a short excerpt as it relates to its (2nd §un) demise:

    One day, 3 fellows - Jubela, Jubelo & Jubelum decided to make Chi-ram (Hiram) tell them the Master´s Password. At noon they awaited Chi-ram (Hiram) at the main gate of the unfinished Temple as he prayed within. At the south gate he denied Jubela, who struck Chi-ram (Hiram) in the throat with a Ruler; at the west gate Jubelo struck him on the chest with a Square; and finally, at the east gate, still refusing to speak the Master´s Password, he was struck dead by Jubelum´s Mallet.

    The 3 characters of Jubela, Jubelo, Jubelum represent the last 3 Ages of the Mazzaroth - Taurus, Aries, Pisces. Jubela hit Chi-ram with a ruler, metaphorically representing the Age of Taurus. Jubelo hit Chi-ram on the chest with a square which represents the "Breast Point" of the Age of Aries that was "squared off" against the Age of Pisces. The last strike given to Chi-ram is from Jubelum and it is done with a Mallet, which is linked to the Latin term "Malleatus" for hammered, beaten, fire dart.

    Chi-Ram ABIFF...Abiff - biff: verb 
    to hit someone, especially with the fist (fistuca = mallet):

    Chi-Ram Abiff, of the freemasonic allegory is the 2nd §un/Son that was taken out, removed, murdered, blotted out, a biffed in the Age of Taurus. It is the "Black Hole §un" that received a "Black-Eye" since a "Biff" in boxing is a blow that is given/delivered with the fists which in Latin implies "Fistuca" implying "Rammer" or "Mallet" as related to the freemasonic "Mallet". It was the blow of the "Mallet" that "Biffed" and blew out the "2nd Eye/§un/Son" in our galaxy by making it blacked out / a biffed.

    It is the now Black Box/Cube of §aturn which is why the black-eye-biff given in the rings of §aturn is also something that is done in boxing. That is why when someone is punched/biffed in the eye, they get a "Black eye". Black for the dead §un/Son of §aturn, and White for the living §un/Son that everyone is familiar with in the sky/galaxy. It may appear yellow to our eyes, but it truly is "White".

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