Age of Taurus (§aturn, Tau, Cross, Crystal, Cube, Hexagram, Rus

  • "True §ymbolism depends on the fact that things, situations, items et cetera, which may differ from one another in time, space, material nature, and many other limitative characteristics, can possess and exhibit the same essential quality" (Alkhemy)


    The Age of Taurus has revealed to us the logic & reasoning behind certain §ymbols and their implications in this still to be "Age of Pisces" with the prefix of "TAU" deriving from the ancient Khemetic hieroglyph , and the Canaanite-Phoenician symbol . Those 3 symbols gave birth to the Hebrew symbol  which could be pronounced today as "Tav or Taw" (TV) literally implying "Cross", while the Turkish "Rus" implies "Red" and "Russian" indirectly, the Latin "Rus" implies "Country, Field, Estate, Farm " in the English tongue.

    In Russia there is the "Red Square" for this very above mentioned reason, and the flag of this country, as well as countless others, is also "Red". When combined with "TAU" we are directed to the symbol of the "Red Cross" which is the symbol of the Pauperes commilitones Christi Templique Salomonici i.e. "Knights Templars" or Knights Hospitallier that has further integrated itself into the global health and gobal disaster rescue organizations such as the "International Red Cross". This is a Masonic Brotherhood Society organization that has adopted 2 additional symbols in addition to the already briefly discussed  and  early Canaanite-Phoenician symbols.


    The 2nd symbol being the "Red Crescent" for countries with primarily Muslim populations which is a tilted ancient symbol of the planet §aturn.  These symbols have been a reference to §aturn for millennia. It is not a "Crescent Moon" contrary to popular beliefs. I will explore later, the significance of all the rampant and blatant §aturn symbology.


    The 3rd symbol is the "Red Crystal"which is simply an ancient tilted "Square" reference to the "Black §un" i.e. §aturn. This is not at all surprising due to fact the "Astrological" correspondent to the "Tau" symbol/figure/character is §aturn.


    There is even a 4th symbol for §aturn, and it is the, the Hexagram is simply a 2 dimensional representation of a 3 dimensional cube. To put it in Layman´s terms; if one were to Crush a "Cube" it would appear on the surface as a "Hexagram". Just as if one were to crush a "Pyramid" it would appear on the surface as a "Cross/Tau/X".


    Why all the e§oteric §aturn symbology ? Because "El" is the g.o.d. of the Canaanites hence "Elite", and many of the planet´s Drooling & Ghouling Elite are Ba´al worshipers. The word “Saturday” means “Saturn’s day” or the day belonging to the god, Saturn. Most, if not all, of the ancient religions had Saturn in their pantheon of gods.


    As “Saturn” to the Romans, he was "Kronos/Chronos" to the Greeks. To the Khemites, he was alternately "Khons" and "Asur/Osiris." The Babylonians named him “Ninus” while to the Assyrians he was Bel, Bal or Belus. The Phoenicians, Carthaginians and Canaanites referred to Saturn as Baal or Baalim. The person from whom these various legends extend is none other than Nimrod, that “mighty hunter and gatherer. Rome itself was originally the city of Saturn !


    The imagery of Saturn: an evil, child-sacrifice demanding old man, carries on in modern society in two more guises. Every December, Saturn, the god of time, reappears as "Old Father Time". The child-victim is Baby New Year. Notice that in this modern cartoon of Old Father Time with Baby New Year, all of the characteristics of Saturn are in place: the scythe, the watch, as a symbol of Time, and, of course, the child-victim.

    The other way in which Saturn’s imagery exists in modern society is as the Grim Reaper. The Grim Reaper is typically seen only around Halloween. He is widely understood as a symbol of death itself. Very few, if any, in modern society have recognized in either the Grim Reaper or Old Father Time the pagan connection to the cruelest, most evil of all the gods. However, an ancient would immediately recognize both as being none other than Saturn because the emblems which identified Saturn are the same which identify Old Father time and the Grim Reaper: scythes and something to mark the passage of time.


    "All Roads Lead To §aturn/Rome"



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