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My Mystery Mother Matrix Material

  • All the High representatives of Religion have always pontificated in regards to the "Great/Black Mystery/My story" that only the religious high representatives have the capacity to mediate the Mystery (My story). What we are not allowed to discover is that the word "Mystery/Myst/Mesta" is Khemetic. The "Mystery" is the Feminine Gnosis of the Mother Goddess Universe, and always has been personified by the Feminine, as also "Ma´athematiks and Geometry" that offered access to the "§ecrets" of her BEING (VERB). During ancient times it was observed that the "Body" of the Feminine in regards to the Menstrual Cycle (Moon/Lunar Cycles) and Gestational Cycles, were "Synchronous" with the "Precession of the Celestial Bodies"; particularly the Moon.

    Thus the body & name of the Goddesses, such as "Ma´at", became synonymous with the "Mysteries" of the Universe. The terms "Matter, Matrix, Meter, Measure, Mother, Material, Mare, Madre, Mystery," all derived from the Khemetic Goddess Ma´at. The "§olar-centric Phallocratic Theocracies that later devloped soon begin to marginalize the Femininity exactly for this reason. There is NO place for Femininity/Women in the inner sanctums of the modern orthodox religions because they (women) would be privy to all the deception and deceit that have been perpetrated & perpetuated against them, in order to disempower them (Feminine/Women).

    As the Age of Aquarius approaches we must strive to reveal the "Machinations" of the institutionalized and malign religious conclaves, which are nothang less than "Criminal" organizations (Organized Crime), that have sequestered all these Truths and many many more, from the Average Blue/White Collar 9-5 Sedated Sheeople Worker/Employee. Not even a fraction of the Knowledge available has been made available to the general public. Available only to those among the corrupt oligarchs of government & corporate/religious elite. Much knowledge has been indeed privatized & monopolized, however, as the reader can see, we can still discover profound Truths through subjects & sciences such as "Etymology".

    Yes, yes, €ye folks hate reading & writing more than 5 words at any 1 time ! lmao...Holla at´cha ßoi !!!


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