"I Am Alone...I Am All one"

  • €ye am alone...€ye am all one - I am alone...These 3 words resonate and cascade with a depth of meaning. That perhaps the so called greatest philosophical minds of the ages often dare not tread due to the astounding implications of what these 3 words entail in terms of the Absolute.

    The Absolute, being the most significant topic that has captivated, mesmerized, inspired; and obviously created division in the minds of men throughout the ages...G.O.D.

    G.O.D. as Absolute, without beginning nor end...

    Without drawing any conclusions, and to potentially help us understand more regarding these questions, let us return to the concept of G.O.D. as Absolute, to the "beginningless beginning" and the "endless ending", to the state of nothing, but yet everything.

    G.O.D. is alone...G.O.D. is all one !

    Please try one´s utmost to put one´s mind into a state in which one imagines being absolutely, without course of respite, completely alone forever !

    Here is wi§dom.....2 possibilities exist: 1) Either we are "Alone" in the universe or 2) We are not !!!

    Both are equally exciting !!!!!

    I am alone...I am all one !


    - €ye Am

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