Noah´s Ark or Nu´s Ankh ?

  • Many scholars believe that what is described, in the scripture, as the Noah's Ark is actually an ancient Khemetic royal yacht called Nu Ankh or the boat of great King Khufu - in Medu Neter, Nu is water and Ankh is eternal life (i.e., the union of male and female principles). However, the story that was created in the scripture to go with this ancient boat might have been lifted from the ancient Sumerian poem, The Epic of Gilgamesh.

    Nu Ankh or the royal boat of Khufu.The boat was originally
    placed right in front of the Khufu pyramid in Giza.
    It was built to help transport the soul of the dead
    Pharaoh via the Nile River to the Milky Way. 


    In the ancient Khemetic mythology, a man's soul is said to be mapped to a specific star in the sky. And at the moment of that man's death, the man's matching solar star is believed to drop from the sky (Gerald Massey "Natural Origin" Vol.I). Thus to reconnect the soul of the dead, most importantly the dead king, with its solar star in the afterlife, the royal boat or Nu Ankh was built for this purpose. 

    As above so below!

    A dead Pharaoh being  portrayed as the god
    Ausar (Osiris), who was believed to be the constellation Orion.
    The Ancient Khemites mapped all of Orion's Constellation
    to specific places around Giza. For example, the pyramid of Khufu
    maps directly to the first star in the Orion's belt.
    The Nile River, right behind the 3 pyramids, maps
    directly to the Milky Way. Interestingly, the royal boat of Khufu or
    Nu Ankh, though not shown in this picture, was originally placed
    right in front of the first pyramid, the Khufu pyramid.


    This mythology appears over and over again in many other African regions. In the Yoruba region, it's called Irawo Ja. "Irawo" denotes stars and "Ja"denotes fall or drop. The Yoruba people believe that when a star falls from the night sky, a specific soul is deceased somewhere, and the dead must be mourned – Irawo Ja. The current writer is very familiar with this mythology or superstition.


    Historians and archeologists have been digging all over North East Africa (now called the Middle East) for the scripture Noah's Ark, but as they have found nothing to corroborate every other story in the scriptures, they have found nothing remotely similar to Noah’s Ark. However, you can travel to Khemet today and view the 4000-5000 year old Nu Ankh or the royal boat.

    The museum of the solar boat

    The museum of the solar boat

    The museum of the solar boat (Noah´s Ark/Nu´s Ankh)

    Nazlet El-Semman, Al Haram - Ghiza, Egypt


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