Esoteric Apple/Pentagram

  • When an "Apple" is sliced vertically through its middle, it reveals seeds lying inside an Ovum, Womb, Vagina.

    However, when an "Apple" is sliced horizontally through its middle, it reveals a "Pentagram" which is equal to 1.618 or ϕ (Phi).

    When inverted this is said to be the symbol of "Baphomet". Several of our most Adept ßrothors have pointed out certain particulars about the symbol of Baphomet, and specifically the positions of the hands.

    Therefore, it should be noted...the specific hand gesture/position often depicted by "Baphomet, Jesus & George Washington" as well as countless others, is known as the "Hand of Blessing", "Hand of All Goodness" or "Mano Pantea".

    This brings us back to Leonardo Davinci´s "Vitruvian Man".                                                    

    The 5 seeds of the previously mentioned "Apple Pentagram" represents €ther/§pirit, Fire, Air, Water, €arth. As does Leonardo Davinci´s "Vitruvian Man" pictured above. Vitruvian Man also suggests both "Circle" & "Square" as shown in this particular paradigm below.

    Vitruvian Man - Pentagram - Circle & Square is indicative of man in "Virtual Reality". Man in Virtual Reality - hence "MATRIX" as shown through the prefix of "VITRU" which implies "Glass", from Latin "Vitrum" which implies "Invitro" or "In The Glass". (IVF)

    to be continued......


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