Part. l - Man Made Corona Virus Smoke & Mirrors And The Link T

  • Published: 28 January 2020


    Written by A. Logical





    Back at the beginning of 2019, I predicted that there would be a link between 5G and a fake virus, hey presto! The area that is the epicentre of the so called virus is the same area that has reportedly been the province that 5G was rolled out with  base stations.…/wuhan-was-the-province-where-5g…/…

    Then we have the company Huawei offering to help combat the so called virus with their 5G base stations. I hope people wake up to this fraud that is being played out with Agenda 20/30 in mind, this is no joke.

    The area in which the outbreak occurred in Wuhan has a lab.

    The Wuhan National Biosafety Laboratory is the only lab in China designated for studying dangerous pathogens, which indicates a possible man made element. In other words, they can isolate cells and inject foreign cells into humans via vaccines.

    I documented a company called InOvio about 4 years ago. This company were given the contract for the Corona vaccine recently.

    This article was first published in 2016

    Recently, a company called INOVIO has been given a $45 million contract by DARPA, the research arm of the Dept of Defence, to pursue Ebola vaccines and the methods of delivery. They were also given a $28 million grant by the N.I.H.

    The company has been given awards for a new start up company, but, this company has a long history with links to government agencies, pioneers of DNA technology and many Pharmaceutical companies.Reported as being a new start up company.

    And yet has been involved in the Industry since 2000

    Curiously, no mention of Inovio in the VGX history, although it clearly states that the company was created by Kim and Weiner.


    In the beginning, Dr Joseph Kim created a partnership with his University professor. Professor Weiner was a pioneer of genetically modified DNA. He was also heavily involved in HIV and is a pioneer.
    (It should be noted that soon after Polio experimental vaccines were given to tens of millions in Africa, during the 50,s and 60s, coincides with when HIV first began.)

    These researchers began in 2000 as VGX Pharmaceutical Inc manufacturing plasmid DNA. They had three failed trials in three years. They then worked with Advisys which was an animal lab. They used their new DNA technology for creating a synthetic Porcine growth hormone for Pigs.

    This enabled them to increase the breeding age of pigs and was soon taken up by the farming industry.

    Using PCV2 which is Porcine Circovirus, they are able to use their new technique called Electroporation for the first time, they were pioneers in the animal health division.

    During this time, the swine flu vaccine patent was first filed, in 2005,which was not patented until 2009, just 5 months after this was patented, swine flu was being rolled out as the next pandemic.

    (Many companies were involved and the WHO and other agencies proclaimed a full blown pandemic when none existed, Baxter were also fined for allowing the Swine flu virus to be contaminated within the vaccines.)

    Dr Kim has openly stated that his company has many of his friends and colleagues on the scientific board and on the board of directors.
    He was employed by Merck who paid for his PhD and now boasts having people such as the former President of Merck , Adel Mahmoud, on his board, Morton Collins, who served as technology policy adviser to President G.H.W Bush and former Senior Vice president of of Merck, Ford Hutchinson as a scientific adviser who is also a Wellcome trust adviser and was involved in many controversial drugs like Gardasil and Rotateq.


    Rotateq was licensed in 2006 and found to contain both PCV1 and PVC2 and Rotarix which was manufactured by GSK in 2008 was found to contain PVC1.

    Both of these vaccines were found to have contained PCV in 2010, years after they had been first given the go-ahead by the FDA. Both were also suspended when the evidence came to light only to be re-instated as safe two months later.

    Curiously an online medical search engine called Medworm, which informs details of medical resources and data, published this information on the day that the FDA suspended the vaccines. The writer of that Information was Dr Joseph Kim.


    The fact that this man had his PhD paid for by his friends at Merck, has serious implications to ethics. 

    At this point it should be noted that the FDA had failed to spot the pig DNA in the initial tests, but then, had also deemed it safe to carry on with this vaccine.

    Where was the enquiry asking how pig DNA could find its way into vaccine that were supposed to be for diarrhoea?

    Given that PCV2 is a post weaning multi system wasting disease which was an emerging diseases of swine/pigs, how could the FDA even know how safe it was?

    Now how does pig virus magically turn up in a vaccine for diarrhoea?It doesn’t! It gets put there. And what is unbelievable is that even though both vaccines were suspended and it transpired that all the vaccines for 2 years had been contaminated , the FDA suspended them for a few months then let them carry on!

    It cannot be denied that Kim was aware of this development, given that it was he, who informed the world of the FDA decision on the very day that the FDA announced this.

    At this point, I would like to turn your attention to his partner, Dr Weiner. An advisor to GSK, Pfizer and other Pharma giants, he is also a special employee and advisor to the FDA and the NIH grant review process. (Did he influence the decision by the FDA to allow the contaminated vaccines to be used and classified as safe?)

     Inovio were given a 28 million dollar grant by the NIH to develop its genetically modified DNA based monoclonal antibodies and its new process of electroporation.

    This is the process by which the very first genetically modified virus was used in this case, it was on pigs.


    In 2008, VGX, which is also owned by Inovio, went into an arrangement to manufacture DNA plasmid for human use.

    In 2009, Inovio filed a IND with FDA to start trials on humans with a DNA vaccine for H5N1.

    Their lead drug for Swine flu was licensed in 2009.

    In 2010, 8 different plasmids were produced in a study provided by the Defence threat Reduction Agency of the DoD.

    In 2011 they were working with Homeland security on Foot and mouth disease.

    New strains of foot and mouth disease began in 2012 in USA.

    Under a research and development agreement, they were working with US Dept of homeland security and Plum Island Animal disease centre.

    This does not sound like a company that should be getting awards for a new start up company!

    They were given the go ahead to produce not only the Ebola vaccines but also the new novel method to administer them.


    This is a pulsed electrical current applied to local tissue to allow the cell to have holes in it to allow just enough synthetic DNA to enter, then the pulse stops and the cell closes, the problem here is that according to studies, a manuscript in Molecular therapy with references from 74 separate articles written in 2004, concludes that the use of gene transfer using electroporation should only be used with human antibodies because problems could arise from cancer to death.

    Recombinant DNA encompasses only one area of genetic engineering; namely, Biospecific biochemical and microbiological to alter,relatively controlled and reasonably predictable manner, the molecules that encode the genetic characteristics of an organism, and to introduce specifically selected new set of genetic Instructions.

    The specific molecular manipulations that are made and the exact methods used to make them can vary widely from one recombinant DNA experiment to another. The basic process,usually involves the Initial isolation or synthesis specific set of chemically identical nucleic acid molecules (usually molecules are then bonded…?) specially prepared vector (carriers) that usually are plasmids. bacteriophages, or other virus-like infectious entities that can self-replicate in appropriate host cells. After the bonding has been completed, the modified can be inserted into bacteria or other cells that have been prepared biochemically to accept them. If the vectors have been “constructed” appropriately, the piece of initially selected DNA can give the recipient new genetic instructions. For Instance, the host cell might be given the capability to synthesise an enzyme that it previously could not make.

    We were informed via the mainstream media that the only way to test for Ebola was for those tests to be sent to UK/US labs,giving the power to inform the numbers of people infected, to the World Health Organisation and other Govt agencies in the West.

    And yet, a new piece of equipment which has just recently been promoted as a breakthrough for testing Ebola, with a small mobile unit, that allows those tests to be achieved in minutes, appears to have been known and available since 2009!

    A story appeared in a local Scottish paper, a few days ago, it claimed that a new technique to test Ebola in minutes had been perfected except the truth is that this technology was created by this company and Wellcome Trust in 2006.

    They had the means to test people in minutes when they started this new range of products in 2009.

    Why was it  suppressed?

    It was part created by Wellcome trust, who are heavily involved in the genetics agenda being played out.

    I think the evidence gathered here brings a lot of scientific, military, bio-companies and government organisations into question on ethics and also on their real agenda.

    According to this report, geneticists are using XNA, which is foreign, unknown and unnatural DNA which could be passed onto future generations.

    Genetic information storage and processing rely on just two polymers, DNA and RNA which is being tampered with to include XNA.

    The European Commission has supported the Integrated Project PACE in its Future Emerging Technologies program from 2004-2008.

    is the final public report of results and experience in PACE.—PACE has created the foundation for a new generation of embedded IT using programmable chemical systems that approach artificial cells in their properties of self-repair, self-assembly, self-reproduction and evolvability

    According to scientists, XNA could lead to different forms of life on other planets or could be used to create new synthetic forms of life.

    This technology is now being used in vaccinations with no regulations or oversight and can only lead to a mutation of the human race, is this what pandemics are really all about? ( Please bare in min that I wrote this that article in 2016)


    This same company have just been given 9 million dollars to come up with a vaccine for Corona virus. They claim they were able to do so in two hours!


    to be continued, Pt. ll....Hopefully !

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