"No" The most €mpowering Word in the Galaxy.

  • The word ‘No’ is generally considered as a negative or disra§pectful word. However, contrary to popular belief, it (No) is one of the most €mpowering, powerful & positive word§ in the galaxy. 


    ‘No’ to begging, working longer & harder are some of the examples in which ‘No’ is an €mpowering & positive word. It is very €mpowering to say ‘No’, both in personal & also in professional life; most importantly, §piritually & physically a`No´is most advantegous.

    No is to Know

    which is also...

    On = §un, that is why we.."Turn On the Light"..A light is often said to go On when truth, wi§dom, knowledge is revealed or comprehended.


    Here is wi§dom..

    When one combines the English word "NO" with the ancient Khemetic word "ON" what can we determine...?


    No + oN = Noon which is Feminine & Lunar, contrary to popular beliefs & ignorances. (Noon is an entirely distinctive lecture in itself)


    A project, a psy-ops, a conspiracy, an excercise or Hoax that is not suitable to one´s "Will, Projection, Wishes, Intuition, Consent" should be rejected, resisted, denied, pushed back. If there is a biased or suspicious element within one´s environment or if one faces danger, uncertainty, humiliation of any kind, it is very wi§e to have a ‘No’ tolerance policy and stand against whatever is suggested, requested, imposed, declared or demanded.


    "NO" can be extremely €mpowering & powerful, especially when deployed with no intention whatsoever to negotiate or obey.


    There is NO Spoon !!!

    Ähnliches Foto


    Case In Point:

    When Britain was offered the opportunity to join what was then the European Common Market (rather than a budding superstate European Union) in 1967  to Gen. & President Charles De Gaulle & France, the General & France simply said "Non"(No) and that was it. Despite the fact the US & Britain saved his ass during WWII, most noteably D-Day 1944 ! France also said "No" to US & NATO Troops on its soil during the same period.

    The 7 positives of the €mpowering powerful "No".

    It empowers a leader instead of (yes) a follower.

    It declares absence of consent and the resolve of one´s will to resist, reject.

    It protects one´s most valuable asset, "§overeignty".

    It guards one´s virtue and possessions.

    It draws a line in the sand, separating (separating / 7arating) YOU from them and their world.

    It denies the advance of the adversary/enemy and one´s determination, conviction to stop it/them/him.

    It defines what you are NOt, because you know what you are as well as what your allegiance & priorities are.


    Which ironically reminds my §elf of N€Ö of the Matrix. 

    After being mortally wounded by a multitude of gun shots, N€Ö resurrects him §elf from the dead, death and dying by simply uttering the simple word "NO" !

    Holla at´cha ßoi...€ye gotta whole lot mo´!

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