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Be Wise As Serpents (Original Magi ,URAEUS, Agathodaimon, Winge


    Do not consider this information, if you rely on a rigid belief system (cystem i.e. cyst in stem) to give your life a false sense of security and meaning. The information presented in my writings & observations could be potentially life changing, but must be observed with an open and free mind.


    Unless one is willing to put everythang you think you know temporarily on hold, and open up to the possibility that you may have been systematically "deceived" and simply "lied" to one´s entire life, this knowledge is not for you !!!"


    "Be wise as §erpents" - is a reference to those Ancient Adepts of Khemet. For the so called "Messiah" was well aware that his knowledge, wisdom & bloodline derived out of Ancient Khemet, the wi§dom of those §erpents of Khemet i.e. Mystery Schools, the Original Magi Bloodline.

    On many Coats of Arms & Family Crests throughout the old world & new world, we often find a "dragon" or serpent of some sort e.g. Alfa Romeo Automobiles.


    Tara i.e. Orumcain or Hill of the Serpents.


    There was once a Judaic Tribe called the "Nashon", of which King David was a member. Nashon implies Serpent, thus we have the word "Nation".


    "Pythgoras" implies "I m the Python", the great Athenian Keeper of Mysteries. Pythgoras never allowed his Neophytes to see him during the year of probation, but instructed them from behind a curtain in his cave, according to Madame H. P. Blavatsky "Isis Unveiled".


    The Stellar Age symbolized the Ancient Khemetic Serpent by way of the "Uraeus", Agathodaimon, Winged Serpent, Holy Spirit, Guardian Angel et cetera et cetera.


    The ancient antagonism is to "Slay the Serpent" as Set became the antagonist to Horus.


    St. Patrick is credited with saying, "I have driven/cast the Serpents from the land." St. Patrick is referring to the Ancient Bloodlines that were dethroned, exiled and murdered by the new drooling & ghouling reptilian bloodline of Ireland.


    So called Jesus of Nazareth...there was NO such location known as Nazareth during the age of so called Jesus. However, there is the Arabic term "Nasir" implying "§irius". Perhaps they mean Jesus of Nasirius ? Furthermore, the word "Carpenter" in Aramaic implies "§erpent Priest" i.e. Nag(g)ar or the nubian term of "Negus."

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