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"RESET" - Occult Esoteric Knowledge - "§piritual Blindness"

  • The "Occult" is not about anythang hidden, contrary to popular negro be lie f. There is nuttin´hidden from g.o.d., just cleverly concealed perhaps...


    * Ocul- is a combining form used like a prefix meaning “eye” or “ocular,” a term that means “of or relating to the eye.” It occurs in a few medical and scientific terms. Ocul- comes from the Latin oculus, meaning "EYE" *

    ≈ Greek & Latin Roots ≈ a-, an- ann-, -enn- endo- micro- arch- Root - ppt  download

    That being said, the only so called "Hidden One" is Death, because Death cannot be seen until Death has occured. When the oblivious masses say "Amen" at the end of their prayers, they are literally invoking and acknowledging the so called "Hidden One", the hidden aspect of death.


    Death is the Hueman´s "Reset" point as compared to the overall "Reset" point of this entire Fake Womb Matrix Reality Construct, and just like all other "Games", when you hit the "Reset" button, you start once again at the beginning, to play in the same game all over again.


    This conjoins the #22 with the number of paths (22) that exists in the "Sephirot" / "Qaballah" / "Tree of Life". Many have claimed to have experienced what is known as the 11:11 phenomenon which is also correlative of the "Paradoxical" beginning & ending point of this Fake Womb Matrix Reality Construct. 11&11 is ?


    The ending is also paradoxically the beginning in this "Reset" point as shown by the 22nd and last figure, symbol, letter of the "Ancient Phoenician (Hebrew) Alphabet being "X" i.e. "Tau" from "Tau+Rus", and correspondingly the 22nd figure, symbol, letter of the Greek Alphabet is "X" i.e. "Chi" from Chi+Ram /(c)Hiram Abiff.

    Catch 22

    SINGULAR [noun]
    If you describe a situation as a Catch-22, a situation in which a person is frustrated by a paradoxical rule or set of circumstances that preclude any attempt to escape from them.
    It's a Catch 22 situation here. Nobody wants to support you until you're successful, but without the support how can you ever be successful ?

    This is the "Catch 22" of the Hueman, because a "Catch 22" is a paradoxical situation from which the Hueman cannot escape because of contradictory rules/laws/beliefs.

    Catch 22 - Der böse Trick USA, 1970 [Alan Arkin, Martin Balsam, Richard  Benjamin] Streams, TV-Termine, News, DVDs TV Wunschliste 


    That is the Hueman´s ultimate paradox: 1 trying to equal out to 0, which can never be done because the Hueman is caught in a vicious cycle that is attempting to "Par An Uneven Amount" just like the motion picture company "Paramount" Pictures has been telling us for a century now, with its logo of "22 Stars".


    The logo of "Paramount Pictures" begins with 22 §tars falling and settling upon a mountain. The 22 §tars represent the so called "Watcher Angels" falling from Heaven, and the mountain represents Mount Hermon, the mountain THEY settled on.

     20 22Facts ideas | bugatti royale, film logo, current affairs quiz

    Why 22 §tars ?


    22 so called "Watcher Angels" are named in "The Book of Enoch" as the conspirators of the pact THEY made on Mount Hermon to corrupt the Hueman and create abominations among Huemanity and within Huemanity.


    2 & 2 (from 22) in Numerology is "4" which represents the "§quare", and this entails the "Circle" of Life being "§quared" by §aturn because the Hueman is all "Boxed" in by tim€ / €mit and Destiny.

    Tesserakt/Hyperwürfel 3D Modell: Bürobedarf & Schreibwaren

    And once the "timeR" has gone off, the Hueman must "Remit" & "Reset" his "Payment", seeing that "Remit is timeR reversed and "reseT" is "Teser" reVersed (re serVed) which seems to imply "Teaser & Taser". 


    Remit | Definition

    to transmit or send (money, a check, etc.) to a person or place, usually in payment. to refrain from inflicting or enforcing, as a punishment, sentence, etc. to refrain from exacting, as a payment or service. to pardon or forgive (a sin, offense, etc.).


    The Hueman must "Remit/timeR" his payment at the "Bo Crossing" (Bo Xing) which is the "House of Time/emiT" as shown in the Swedish tongue "Bo" implying "dwell, reside, nest" and Norwegian "Bo" translates as "estate, room, dwell". The nest & estate of THEIR "Hawk" Deity "Ra" that we are all in "Hock" to & in "Hawk" to.


    * To hawk is to sell or attempt to sell something, especially to do so in a loud and intrusive manner. * To hock is to pawn.* 

    hock vs hawk | Common Errors in English | hock or hawk RA SUN GOD REVIEW - Gods Of The World - 3 Oz Silver Coin - Cook Islands  2018 - Power Coin's blog

    Ra is the Ancient Khemet solar deity, identified primarily with the midday sun. Featuring the head of a falcon or hawk on a human body, he wears the Sun Disk ...


    Continuing with the # 22, when the # 22 is divided by the sacred planetary # 7, we arrive at 3.142857, which is the "Diophantine Approximation" for the €quation of "π"  (Pi) 3.1415926....



           I & XXI = XXII

    In "Tarot" (Tau+Rot)(X+Red)(Red X), there are 22 cards and "The Fool" card is often the last major "Arcana" in the Tarot Decks, but it also can be represented by "∅" for the (l) "1st" card or as the XXl "21st" card as well. This correlates with the "Biblical Book of Revelation" which usually ends on "Verse/serVe" 22:21, while the next verse would hve been 22:22 indicating to the Hueman the "Paradoxical Duality" of beginning and ending at once.


    The last word in Revelations verse 22:21 is "Amen", which is an Ancient Khemetic term of "Let it be hidden" and it is the reason for all Esoteric & Occult Knowledge being "Concealed" from the general public, however, it is not necessarily "Hidden". 

    * Ocul- is a combining form used like a prefix meaning “eye” or “ocular,” a term that means “of or relating to the eye.” It occurs in a few medical and scientific terms. Ocul- comes from the Latin oculus, meaning "EYE" *