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Occult Esoteric Knowledge "§aturn, Jupiter, Triple Tau, EL Bow,

  • The "Chaldean Lunar/Moon Invokation(Worship)" cycle was,is known as "SOSS". This is the "SAUCE" of the "Law" as shown in the Latin term "IUS" & "JUS" implying "Soup, Law, Sauce, Broth, Justice".

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    The Old Greek symbol, figure, letter "SAMPI" or "T" means "Like A Pi(&pi, or Great Pi(&pi or 3.14, and is valued at "900". This is related to the "R.A.M." i.e. (Aries) i.e. Royal Arch Masonry degree & symbol of the "Triple Tau" (Taurus,Red Cross, X-Red), whereby the Greek "Tau" is the 19th symbol, figure, letter and carries a value of 300. The Triple Tau, therefore carries 3 times 300 which equales 900.

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    FACT: TAU was derived from the Ancient Phoenician letter "TAW"


    The Triple Tau, Taw, Tao of the "Taoist" is the "Triple X" or 3 symbols, figures, characters, shapes indicating to the Hueman the "12 Lines" for the "12 Ages", "12 Hues" on a color wheel, "12 noTes,Tones", "12 Hours" on a clock, "12 Inches" in a foot, "12 Grades" in the Public Fool System Education, "12 Months" in a cetera.


    "As Above, So Below"...however, when observed from an alternate perspective, there is a median or 50/50 i.e. "L" = 50. The "EL", the "L" the (L)ine that divides the upper from the lower, with 5 lines above and 5 lines below representing the Hueman´s divided "Base 10 Reality".

    When observed from this perspective, the "Median" line represents the number 11 or El Even. This is sometimes known as the "Narrow Path" i.e "Ptah" that points to that Small Black Dot in the very middle - the "eXit" from the Fake Womb Matrix Reality Construct, and is the basis of this Esoteric Doctrine  of Resistance.

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    900 Squared "" is 30 - the "30°Degrees of the Mazzaroth/Zodiac House", and in Base 10 Ma´athematics, is a "Harshad" number. Harshad is "Sanskrit" with "Hars(h)a" implying "Joy"(Joi), Sexual Excitement, Aroused, and "Da"(give) or "Ad"(to give).


    Joy(Joi) also represents "Jupiter" as seen in the "Romanian" tongue whereby "Joi" implies "Thursday" or the day of "Jupiter", as well as the medieval "Occitan" tongue (Dijous,Jous) for Thursday.

    "The Ius, Jus, Jous of Zeus Jesus"


    The orbit of Jupiter is roughly 12 years and represents the "Age" of so called "Jesus" entering the "Temple" at age 12 i.e. "Mind of the 12 Ages of the Mazzaroth/Zodiac". While the orbit of "§aturn" is roughly 30 years, symbolizing the 30 year old "Jesus" that begins his ministry through the 30°degrees of each Mazzaroth/Zodiac House in tandem with the "Moon´s" symbolic "Month" of 30 days or more accurately put...29.531 "Nights".

    These alignments are the true formation of all government which is reflected in the "Symbolism" throughout the Whorled Whirled World. The span between the orbits of Jupiter and §aturn is 18 years, giving the Hueman the 1st piece of the puzzle.

    After centuries of "Biblical Scholarship", there has yet to be given a more concrete and truthful account/explanation to the "18 missing ministry years" of so called "Jesus"...the "18 missing ministry years of Jesus" or "§pan" being "§pun" that "§pin" between the orbits of "Jupiter & §aturn is Jesus/Je-Zeus at the age of 12 and §aturn symbolizes Jesus/Je-Zeus at 30 years of age. 30-12=18, 18=666 or (9).

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    The 2nd piece of this puzzle is a lot closer to home...LOL...When one becomes an "Adult" or "A dolt", they are said to have "Reached the Age" of maturity, and this is foremost declared for "Huemanity" at the "Age of Eighteen/18". That is true, considering the reflection of this attribute is found from the average "Length" of the Hueman "El Bow"(Elbow) measured from the top of the "Middle Finger"(Digitus Medius) to the "El Bow"(Elbow) is 18 inches.

    This measurement of "18" inches from "El Bow"(Elbow) to Middle Finger is also typically known as a "Cubit" or an "Ell". The Hueman has reached..."A Dolthood" (Adulthood) or 18 i.e the "EL", now please "BOW" to "EL"(§aturn) !

    Being 18: Adult or a dolt? – The General Idea

    Cambridgedolt (noun) - stupid person.

    Examples: From a dolt he had become a hero.

    Hood (noun) - an aggressive and violent young criminal.

    The Hueman has "Reached" the "Age of El"(18) and also "Reached" "Adulthood" (A dolt hood). "Contact" has been made through the "Symbolism". 


    Holla at´cha ßoi