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"Pawned Pawns in the Pond"

  • The Huemen are the "§oldiers" i.e. §ol+Die(r), §un+Dier, §oul+Dier, §ole+Dier that are being used as "Beta Testers" i.e "Crash Test Dummies". "Dier" is Anglo Jute Sachsen for "Beast" and also the link to "Betas" and "Beats (Beast,Betas,Beats).

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    We all "Die or eiD" for the §un of Man & Son of Man, and receive the "M"ark of the Beast, Betas, Beats, if we all are truly "Born, Borne, Bourne" in "Sin" (Moon/Lunar Deity).

    ORIGIN OF: eiD or Die

    1695–1700; ʿīd “festival, feast” from Aramaic ʿed “day of assembly, feast day, festival”

    Translation of Eid or diE – German–English dictionary

    Eid noun (diE)

    [ masculine ] oath
    einen Eid ablegen / leisten 
    to swear/take an oath


    Perhaps, this is exactly where the Hueman stands in this Matrix Story-Line, because the Huemen have all been "PAWNED" and thrown in to the "POND" ! Pawned is also Pond...that is the Hueman´s burden as shown by the Latin "PONDUS" or "Weight, Burden, Impediment, Gravity", implying a controlling force dominating & obstructing the Hueman´s movements & (Destiny) as detailed in the Swedish tongue term "PONDUS" or "Authority".

    Did they "Pond us" & "Pawned us" ?

    "The Drooling & Ghouling Reptilian Elite "Pawned us" & "Pond us"(PONDUS) which is to say that the Huemen have all been "Pawned" and left as a "Deposit of Security" for a "Debt, Death, Dead". A Debt, which seemingly never can be "Re-paid".

    The Pawnshop No. 8 - Alchetron, The Free Social Encyclopedia 

    The Pawnshop No. 8 (also known as Pawnshop #8) is a 2003 Taiwanese television series focusing on two characters who share ownership of a pawnshop. The supernatural-tinged show airs on ImaginAsian in the United States

    The main theme of The Pawnshop No. 8 is that of love, with the main background of the eternal conflict between Heaven and Hell, good and evil, God and Satan. After being bested by the Creator and his unfallen angels countless eons past, Satan, now banished from Paradise and desperate for vengeance, devised a pawnshop to lure customers, seeking to capture all of humanity's souls for Darkness to reign supreme, coercing random humans whose souls were bent towards his own and whom could perceive his presence to serve as his minions.

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    Galaxies are also "PONDS", and in this Time-Wave-Matrix when the Hueman was tossed into this particular Galaxy the Hueman no longer retained his/her/its ability to tap into his/her/its "Multi-Dimensional Capacity" to "MOVE" through dimensional "Time" freely & "emiT" freely, if at all.

    This is the logic & reasoning behind why TIM€/€MIT" only moves forward for the Hueman now !

    - Just like a pawn on a chessboard -

    The pawn (♙, ♟) is the most numerous piece in the game of chess and, in most circumstances, the weakest. It historically represents soldiers or infantry, or more particularly, armed peasants or pikemen.

    By being "Pawned" & "Pond" each Hueman has been "Lowered" gravitationally & spiritually in this Fake Womb Time Matrix Reality to the lowest element of power & cognizance i.e. "Lowest Common Denominator", which is the weakest piece, the weakest pawn on the board in the game of Chess...

    ...And in this Fake Womb Time Matrix, this ensures that the Hueman only moves forward in time, which is the same method every Hueman experiences his/her/its a perpetual movement forward until he, she, it meets their ultimate demise....Death, Dead, Debt ! 

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    This time-wave matrix field reality construct can be likened to a "Cheesboard", in which certain players can move through the dimensions of "TIME" in various capacities. The Hueman´s capacity is strictly limited to "Forward" momentum because the Hueman has been "PAWNED".

    Promotion in chess is a rule that requires a pawn that reaches the eighth rank to be replaced by the player's choice of a bishopknightrook, or queen of the same color.

    In the Game of Chess, a PAWN can only be promoted to a more powerful piece/pawn, only if it should reach the "8th Rank" - which is why the # 7 is so important, esoterically speaking. be continued .......................

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