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Kwame Brown: "Calling Out The Fake Woke Negroes"

  • “You fake woke negroes, y’all are the worst thing to the Black community … because you fake woke niggas won’t allow independent thought,” Brown said. “I don’t care who you vote for. I ain’t never cussed nobody out for voting for the Democratic Party. I ain’t never called nobody a coon or a disrespectful name, none of that. You mother***ers, you guys that do that, not all Democrats do that, but the guys who do that, ya’ll are the new version of the KKK.”

    “White folks don’t gotta do nothing. Y’all are the new version of the KKK because you try to intimidate, you try to exile Black folks and you try to cancel them because they don’t agree with you; and that’s sad. You act like you’re doing something righteous for doing that. … So you’re gon’ hurt another Black man for the white people that you like. You a fool”.

    - Kwame Brown


    €ye emphatically concur with Bro´thor Kwame´s observation !!!  Even though it is a bit more §piritual, €soteric & €nergetic than what he eluded to, nevertheless, €ye concur ! 


    However, the Energies of the Fake Woke Negro Ignorant Masses are being drawnout of them through tim€, €mit, Vote & Volt, and this is the KEY the "Energy Terrestrials", the "Entity Terrestrials"(E.T.) need to continue their "Drawn Energy Matrix" construct.


    "The Drooling & Ghouling Elite´s" KEY to draw, extract & siphon the Fake Woke Negro´s Energies through the paradox of tim€,€mit, that has us DIVIDED from his true NTR, Neter, Nature, believing that he is "Sep A Rate"(7 A Rate) from the very thing, the very place, the very phenom he is apart of, and always has been apart of.


    The Fake Woke Negro´s belief in DIVISION is very DIVISIVE and manifests the mental delusioon & illusion that coerce him into "hating" each other and participating in systems of "Hatred" & "Divisiveness".


    There can be NO LOVE in Hatred & Divisiveness, and so called MONEY only DIVIDES everyone in this "Cyststem"(System).


    Hatred, Divisiveness & the System(Cyststem) will NEVER cure the ails that harm so many multitudes, because it is not meant to.


    The Fake Woke Negro´s Cyststem(System) of Hate & Divisiveness is designed to create Hatred, Jealousy, Anger, F.E.A.R., Worry, Anxiety, Starvation, Murder, Suicide, Rape and anyother horror you can imagine on this "Plan e.t."(Plan it) Planet.


    Unfortunately, MPN Fake Woke Negroes practice DIVISENESS as well. There is a primitive form of Divisiveness & Tribalism practiced on MPN. No one wants to address it because every Fake Woke Negro is kool being Divided & Divisive.


    Thank you Kwame !

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