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Feminine Mother Goddess

  • During the tenure of the "Stellar Civilizations" the `Feminine´(women) held superior positions in society, religion, & government.

    stellaradjective - of a star or starsstellar adjective (OF OBJECTS IN SPACE)

    It was the periodicity of the feminine gestation cycles that initially awakened `Huemanity´ to the inherent order of the `Galaxy´(xy chromosome) outside of themselves, and also drew their attention to the `Night §ky´ which has been always, henceforth, regarded as the "ßody" of the Goddess.

    The perceived order of the Universe was always styled & worshipped as a `Feminine Mother Goddess´.
    This Feminine Mother Goddess was known by various names & titles, depending upon the civilization and the correlations.
    She was known as "Taurt"(Tarot), Nuit(Night), Nut(Night), *Nun*(noon), Ma´at, Mut, Isis, Hathor, Sophia, Mara, Mary as well as many more...
    The Nun's Story (1959) - Rotten Tomatoes
    The epithet of "Ma´at", (Mahat, Mayat, Maut, Maht, Math, et cetera...) is the root of the very words "Matter", (Material, Matrix, Mate, Measure, Mathematics, Month). Ebros Ägyptische Göttin Maat Figur 21, 6 cm lang Skulptur  Sammlerstück
    Throughout the Ages of History & Mystery(My story) it was never forgotten by the Ancients how the "Biological Cycles"(Menstrual Cycle) of the "Divine Feminine" were in total & absolute "Complementarity" & "Synchronization" with the so called "External" World of Phenomena".
    In fact, the Ancients preferred to consider themselves living inside the "Body" of the Goddess "Nuith"(Nut).

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