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Ancient Divine Science

  • The Divine Science, is said to be the combining of Astrology, Astronomy & Theology. This Divine Science indicates that in fact all Myths, all Stories, all Nursery Rhymes and even the so called Bible as well as all other so called Holy Scriptures are based on the Movements and Interactions of the 7 Luminaries/Lights/Planets/Stars we all see in the Sky.

    These 7 Lights we know as the §un, Moon, Mars, Mercury, Jupiter, Venus and §aturn. They are the Lights our eyes can see wandering in front of the fixed background of the §tars. These are the main characters that create patterns in the Sky, which is said to have an effect on our lives here on €arth or Terra. - As Above, So Below -

    The brightest of these 7 Lights is the §un also known as Helios in Greek, Ra Atum in ancient Khemet. "Atum" is phoenetically "Atom" and it is undoubtedly 1 in the same because the §un is an Atom with Electric light core and Electron bodies floating around it. 

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    Plato said,"the §un is the cause of our Knowledge, without it we cannot §ee." Therefore, the §un is the teacher of the Sense of Sight and the ruler of our eyes. The §un is the "Lucent" One, or Lucifer.

    In Ancient Khemet Mythology, the name of the §un Deity was "Ra", the one that RAdiates. In all Catholic churches, one will often find the letters "IHS" on their books, altars, baptismal fonts et cetera, always pictured with a symbol of the §un around it.

    IHS implies Iota, Eta, Sigma. "IHS/YHS" is often written in the English alphabet as "JHS" or "JHC". The correct pronounciation of this word is "JES" or "YES" or "ESH" which is shorthand for the word or name "Jesus" Jesus and the §un are 1 in the same. Jesus is the §un ! 

    Jesus Christ is God´s §un ! The §un is the "Risen Savior". Therefore, this "IHS" is a "Christogram", a Monogram which is an abbreviation of the word/name Jesus. The early christians were known as "Helionotics" which means "Those who have knowledge of the §un."

    In the Ancient Phoenician tongue, Jes or Yes or Esh or אֵשׂ would imply "§un" or "Fire". In India it is Krishna, Brahma, Shiva or Jes-Krishna. In Ancient Khemet it is Ra, Horus/Heru, Seth, Atum, Amen. For the Nag Hammadi teachings, it is written that "Christ is the true life and the §un of Life & §un of Man."

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    * St. Patrick 390 A.D., "The true Christ is the §un."

    * Predulian 363 A.D.,   "The §un is the center of the Solar system."

    * Eraneus,                   " The Gnostics really declared that all the Supernatural transactions in the Gospels were counterparts of what took place in the Sky, Heavens, Milky Way."

    * Leonardo Davinci, "I could wish that I had such power of language as should avail me to assure those who would set the worship of `Man´  above that of the `§un.´Those who wish to worship `Man´{an historical Christ} make a huge error !"

    The Bible states that Jesus said, "I am the light of the world, every eye will see me."

    Simon, "For the Lord God is a §un and a Shield."

    Psalm 48:11, "The Lord is a Shield and a §un."

    John 4:8, "God is Love."

    John 1:5, "God is Light."

    Hebrews 12:12, "For our God is a consuming Fire."

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    To be continued...Divine Science: Part ll





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