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Ancient Divine Science Part ll

  • Our §un is also called the "7 ray God" because of the 7 Hues, 7 Colors of the Rainbow. The Planets are the Atoms of the §un and so are we, that is why we call our children "Youngstars, Youngsters". All Planets reflect the Light of the §un. The §un is the only Light, Star, Luminary, Planet that gives us direct Light and Photons, the other Lights, Stars, Luminaries, Planets are reflectors.

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    Through this Divine Science, it will become very clear that the Greatest Lie Ever Told in History, is that Jesus Christ was an historical figure.

    All Stories, all Myths, all Nursery Rhymes and even the so called Bible, are all indicative of the same phenomenon. They describe the relation between the §un and the €arth, the Day and the Night, the Summer and the Winter, Storm & Calm, Good & Evil, Right & Wrong. All characters in these tales & stories are the characteristics of the §olar System. This Divine Science is the source of all of them and Man´s ancient religion is the Natural Cycle of Nature & the Galaxy.

    The 7 characters, 7 characteristics are the §un "Helios / Jesus", the Moon "Luna / Selene", Mercury "Hermes / Thoth", Venus "Aphrodite", Mars "Ares", Jupiter "Zeus" and §aturn "Chronos". The 7 Days of the Week are named after these 7 Lights or 7 Characters. The Biblical relationship between e.g. Abraham and Sarah as well as Jesus and Maria Magdalene both represent the interaction between the §un & Moon.

    The 7 Lights also have a connection with the 7 energy wheels, the 7 major chakras within the body of Man. The 7 Lights are also known as the €lohim. The Bible chapter Genesis has stated that the €lohim said, "Let Us Make Man After Our Image."

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    The Moon connects with our 1st chakra, Mercury with our 2nd, Venus with our 3rd, the §un with our 4th, which is in the middle of our h€art, €arth Chakra, Mars connects with the 5th, Jupiter with our 6th and §aturn with our 7th Chakra. Our purpose in Life as well as on this Planet & Galaxy, is to "Activate" these 7 §piritual Powers, Wheels, Lights, Luminaries. Kit Elohim 7 Orgonites Chakra Colors Pyramid Venus Orgon Energy  Generator0 1.96 In B x 2.36 in Healing Meditation Transmutation EMF :  Handmade Products Understanding the chakras - Blog - Reeve Foundation

    The Moon is the closest to the €arth and has a rotation of 29,5 Moons, while §aturn is the furthest away from €arth amongst the 7, and Orbits the §un in approx. 29,5 Years. In other words, §aturn rules...Chronos is the personification of Time, the Man turning the Mazzaroth Wheel also known as "AEON" i.e. Eternal Time.

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    The word aeon /ˈiːɒn/, also spelled eon (in American and Australian English), originally meant "life", "vital force" or "being", "generation" or "a period of time", though it tended to be translated as "age" in the sense of "ages", "forever", "timeless" or "for eternity".

    §aturn is the Ruler of Man´s €ars because when there is minimum §unlight we depend on our h€aring more than our €yes. §aturn has always represnted the Deity of Law, Planet of Law. US Courts of Law utilize a fair amount of Latin, this Latin is the Language of §aturn & Satan.


    The 3 Wheels of Time are: 

    * the Day { Deis, Latin) ruled by the Deity & God of the Day which is the §un.

    * the Year, which derives from the name of the §un "IHS, YHS, JES, YES, ESH, YEA, YEAH, YEAR.

    * the Great Year {a Time Cycle of 24,000-26,000 Years.

    The Moon gives us the Month & Minute...Hours derive from "Horus, Heru", which is the name of the §un when rising. - Where is Horus, Heru ? Implying: What hour is it ?

    The Great Year – How much did the ancients really know?

    The Day, the Year and the Great Year can all be divided into 4 parts: Day {morning, noon, afternoon, night}, the Year {winter, spring, summer, fall}, the Great Year {iron age, bronze, silver, golden age}.

    By comprehending these cycles, we understand why history went from good to bad and from bad to good. Day-Night-Winter-Summer-Iron thru Golden Age, all these cycles dominate & influence Man !

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    Astrophysics and astronomy have proven that almost 90% and perhaps 100% of all §tars are in a "Binary". All §tars require a "Dual". Our §un, Ra, Helios, Atum, Horus, Jesus is also in a Binary with another §tar...the §tar Sirius, which is in the Constellation of "Kanis Major", and is in a Binary our §un, or follows the path of our §un. Our year begins with January 1st due to Pope Gregory VIII and due to the alignment of the §un, §irius and the €arth.


    It takes between 24,000 & 25,920 Years for §irius and Helios, Ra, Jesus to complete 1 Orbit or Cycle, Circle. The Great Pyramids of Ancient Khemet also indicate that there is a Binary between §irius & the §un. One specific shaft in the Great Pyramid Khufu points directly to §irius.

    Sirius is directly overhead on New Year's Eve

    George R. Goodman - early 1900s said, "Our entire Solar System with all its Planets & Moons describe a huge cycle, circle around another §un; the §tar Sirius."

    Albert Churchwood - "Our §un was thrown off from another §un."

    §irius was also known by the Ancient Khemites as "The §tar of Awset"(Isis). The Goddess Awset is embodied by the §tar Sirius, like her §un, son Heru, Horus is embodied by our §un Ra, Helios. This implies in fact that the §un we all know, love & see, was born from Awset (Isis) i.e. §irius, and that is why they are in a "Binary" together.

    Therefore, Awset i.e. "Isis" and Heru (Horus) are the same characters, symbols, figures, representations as Jesus & Mary, and are in fact the §un & §irius moving away from each other in the Binary.

    All Heavenly Bodies in our Solar system have relationships with each other. also, Planets  Star Constellations harmonize with our Body, §oul, §pirit, & Mind. The Mazzaroth Wheel is indicative of how this Divine science operates.


    To Be Continue...Divine Science Part III

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