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"Common Sense: A Message to the Afrikan in Need of a Savior"

  • All solutions (sol you shun) outside of your §elf are false, fake & fictitious...All of them...Every last one !!!

    This is why the religious "Savior" program construct is most highly & heavily promoted by the Global Reptilian Elite Cult, and is the program construct that should be the most avoided.

    Quotes about False Religion (44 quotes)

    Even logically, if the "Savior" has already "Died" for everyone´s "Sins", why would this not have stopped "Sin" in its TRACKS and Destroyed it(Sin) entirely from the "Hueman Experience"???

    Despite this, why would anyone in need of a "Savior" keep insisting on bringing more children into this "World, Whirled" Savior Program Contruct to face the misfortune of NOT being "Saved" ???

    If it´s all about the "be lie f" in a "Savior" that is going to "Save" us, you & I; how much "be lie f" is the proper & correct amont ???

    Do you even know if you are "be lie ving" in the proper & correct manner...?

    Tolerating Lies to Make Your Life Harder - Beştepe Bloggers

    With an uncountable number of various religions in most countries, most tongues, most cultures & beliefs; how can you be sure that your so called "Savior" is the "one" true "Savior" ???

    False Saviors | Bones funny, Social platform, Savior

    Every Afrikan & everyone that believes in a "Savior", just absolutely knows, without a doubt, that their "Savior" is the "ONLY" true "Savior"... Right ???

    On what evidence ?

    On the mere evidence of your "Faith" ?

    And "Faith" is simply a synonym for "Belief".

    "Faith" is also the extraordinary hueman ability to believe in something the "Intuition" already knows NOT to be true.

    Full Faith and Credit Clause - ppt download

    "Faith" is also likened to "Credit" according to the Cambridge Dictionary, as you should be able to see above.


    The Religious "Savior" Construct Program is such a powerful tool in the con-Trollers arsenal because it plays upon the predominant F.E.A.R. of the unknown and the individual´s (in divide dual) psychological desire to make all of this F.E.A.R. disappear !

    Hp Lovecraft Cthulhu Quotes. QuotesGramThe Fear Of The Unknown Pt. 2 — The Coward | by Cindy E | Medium

    This is why those who "be lie ve" in the Religious Savior Construct Program will defend it vehemently, at all costs, because everything that discredits these false principles & fictitious tenets is seen as an attack on the comfort level of their belief cyststem (system) itself:

    A "Dogma" that must be protected by any means necessary !

    The Meaning of Dogma. In the last couple of weeks, two… | by abhilash gm |  MediumYou've Been Lied To You: Dogmas Are Good – Page 3 – Gil Michelini

    This religious "Dogma" has unfortunately has led to a feverish desire to bring about an actual "Apocalypse"because to the Religious Savior Mentality Psychosis, this (Apocalypse) would be seen as proof and evidence that their be lie f cyststem (system) is correct and confirms their dogma.

    For the con-Trollers of this Fake God Matrix Reality, it is simply viewed as "a means to an end". 

    How many are praying & preying fervently for their "Apocalypse"???

    How many of us actually want to see complete annihilation & destruction ???

    This is obviously a "Mental Disease", a "Mind Virus", one that is encouraging & shaping these events to actually occur. However, here is an alternative determination of the term "Apocalypse" that most Religious Savior Construct Program Zealots are completely ignorant of:

    Loose Canons and Apocalypse Now

    Right about now, if 1,000 Huemen were listening to me right now, approximately 995-999 would be in absolute denial & total doubt.

    Which one of you is willing & prepared to give up their Religious Savior Construct Programming & Heaven/Hell Belief Cyststem (System) attachments ???

    €ye do listen and am attentative to everyone who genuinely seeks insight as to what this "Cyststem"(System) is, and how to become free of it - but at the same time, these are the solutions and Man somehow still sems to think that there is so much more to it than this.

    When the "MIND" remains "Neutral", it does not release its spiritual "Power" and therefore spiritually "Stores it".

    A Neutral Mind - A Game Changer | Energetic Nourishment

    This is the power that will be necessary when arriving at everyone´s inevitable appointment that we all must face known as Death. Those who have NO spiritual power "Spiritually Stored Up" due to being "Good Ionic Batteries" during their existence on this planet, plan it, plan e.t., will be "Mind Shocked" during the intensity of Death, and will be "Pulled" into the "Fake" Light of the Fictitious Savior Construct Program with ease. 

    Living in the Light of Death (eBook, ePUB) von Larry Rosenberg - Portofrei  bei bü

    The so called "Rapture" is happening all the time ! Everyday millions of "Souls" are so called "Raptured" into the Fake Light of the Religious Savior Program Construct to be "Recharged" for another go on the Matrix Merry-Go-Round reality, where all points of the timeline are actually taking place & proceeding right now as we speak.

    Is The Word Rapture In The Bible? – Lift Up Your Eyes!Pin on Bible Study

    The term Rapture is connected to the Latin term "Raptus" implying "Violent Snatching" or "Dragging Away", "Robbery", "Abduction". This is the so called "Rapture" that every Faithful Dogmatic Christian Zealot is anxiously awaiting to have happen to them - a violent abduction...sounds just "Heavenly" doesn´t it...?

    On a post about how The Simpsons predicted the rapture. I was not prepared  for this. : r/insanepeoplefacebook

    To the so called Christian Believer, especially the Afrikan...don´t worry, your so called Christian "Rapture"(Abduction) is coming very soon - at the exact moment of your "Christian "Death" to be precise !!!

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