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"Learned un-Lawful Language of Legal Latinized Law & Legalis"

  • What is the root word of the word "Person" ?

    PERSONALITY The word personality from the Greek wordMan as a personWearing Masks Makes People Appear More Attractive

    person (n.)

    c. 1200, persoun, "an individual, a human being," from Old French persone "human being, anyone, person" (12c., Modern French personne) and directly from Latin persona "human being, person, personage; a part in a drama, assumed character," originally "a mask, a false face," such as those of wood or clay, covering the whole head, worn by the actors in later Roman theater. 

    Words such as Citizen, Government, Denizen, Saved, Salvation, Redemption, Savior, Enfranchise, Surname, Rights, Freedom, Liberty, Alienable, Unalienable, Inalienable are part of an `Alternative´ Language not taught to mere church-going, bible thumping folks of the 12 year public fool system education, for these are the word§/§word of priests, cardinals, attorneys, lawyers, judges & royalty - the language of Secret Societies & Fraternal Masonic Orders that exercise Power & Control by way of "Govern-ment"(Mind Kontrol) of the oblivious sheeople masses, that we may never break-free from the Government Self Imposed Debt, Death that can only be forgiven & rectified through absolute "Comprehension" of the Lawful, Legal & Biblical Interpretation.

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    Webster´s 1828 Dictionary defines the word "Demon" as: "signifying an evil spirit or genius, which influences the conduct or directs the fortunes of Men."

    And just what exactly is an "Evil Genius" ?

    Shakespeare was a "Rare Genius". (Webster´s 1828 Dictionary)

    An "Evil Genius"(Djinn/Demon) could be one who creates a religious doctrine of "ChristiAnity"(AntiChristy) that goes completely against the Laws of Nature & Divine Creation, then incorporates that doctrine of Antichristy into a Corporate Church, and then deceives all the followers of sheeople of that religion & church that it is the absolute word of God, inspired by God and he is the only Priest, Preacher, Pastor, Evil Genius, Djinn, Demon that can interpret the true "Will of God" as God´s spokesman and author.

    And thus 1 of a thousand religions is born, borne, bourne, a massive deceiving & deception of religion, ceremony, rites, rituals, sacrifices, symbols & mammon for those who truly seek freedom & remedy from the influences and enslavement of church & state.(The Beast).

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    Please rest assured that an "Evil Genius", Priest, Preacher, Pastor, Djinn, Demon needs no wings, horns or claws  tail as depicted in many artifacts & Hollyweird movies. These are all just "Spookism" imagery to scare children & adults into never perceiving that ordinary men could be so evil and demonically possessed in their genius and ingenuity.

    "They Live" among us, controlling us, feeding off Man´s Collective Ignorance, harvesting our Wealth, Energy & Happiness...and they appear just as Hueman as you or I.

    €ye have NO religion to sell, and €ye want none of your so called money or your pledge, oath or vow for sharing this wi§dom. €ye share freely & willingly in the hope of breaking free of and breaking open the supposed mysteries of life & the so called Bible thereby revealing what it entails to be truly "Sovereign" and to live in Peace among all Men.

    For all Men must know these Legal & e§oteric interpretations of all the words & terms mentioned above, or be permanently stuck in their already existing bondage & captivity to the religion of church & state (The Beast).

    Ultimately, church & state are the same exact entities, where nowadays one is incorporated into the other...hence 501c³, laughably referring to themselves as "Non-profit".

    Perhaps non-Prophets would be more truthful...

    Dave Duggan's DENIZEN – a dissident republican addresses the court – drama  performed in an actual courtroom – Slugger O'TooleWords Citizen and Denizen have similar meaning

    The word "Citizen" stems from the word "Denizen", which means "Enfranchised Slaves" i.e. Lower Class Common Men Incorporated into an All Equal State Under Man´s Law.

    This is signified by the Act of Assigning a "Surname" to Man or Slave and assigning that particular "Surname" to certain privileges. otherwise known as "Political, Human & Civil Rights".

    The "Citizen", Denizen Slave must be maintain in a state of ignorance that he may never know that the words freedom, liberty & rights are all "Alienable" privileges granted by government (mind control) to persons (masks), citizens (slaves).

    The term "Freedom" implies "Free to be Dumb", the term "Liberty" is best defined as "Military Naval Short Shore Leave" granted by a Superior officer to the Inferior.

    Terms Liberty and Shore leave have similar meaning

    The suffix of "dom" in Freedom implies "Dominian", as to signify that the state of being free for Man is dominated by the church & state i.e. The Beast which is often considered to be "Political Freedom" or Political, Civil Liberty.

    Man can only be free under The Law of Nature, whereas he can only have artificial freedom under man´s law (mammon), for he impersonates a Legal Fiction of Mammon, just like a rented car (vehicle), the fictional person (vassal, mask) comes with many rules & regulations that the user must comply with under force of law (Law Enforcement).

    The term "People" implies "Goyim, Gentiles", common peasants; the lowest form of a man and societal status. If you are one of "We the People", then you have NO voice. Only the collective has the voice, and is totally controlled by the Drolling & Ghouling Elite.


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