A Nu Foundation-Texas chapter

  • A Collaboration between A Nu Foundation Trust/Muu De Amuuru Civil Society and Cogesten/ed, an NGO of The GallyTribe/Family of Togo, Africa:

    The N.E.T.E.R. Project: Natural Eco-Energy Technologies for Eco Regeneration

    The programs to be implemented under the NETER project consist of, but are not limited to: Sustainable Housing, Education, Media and Communications, Organic Farming Nutrients and Increased Crop Yield, Greenhouse/Flare Gas Capture, Clean Water, Clean Energy and more. We are looking forward to initiating the Agri-business programs, by beginning with a Symposium which will highlight the technologies and programs we have to offer, and how they can and will greatly benefit Togo from the aspects of health, environmental resuscitation and protection, job creation and creating economic stability and growth. 

    The Gally people have offered us 5 acres (more if needed), for the development of a Skill and Trade school for all pre-college aged youth. The school will be accompanied by a Media and Communications program with full broadcast capabilities. 

    For the Agri-business component to the project, the Gally tribe has offered to sell us 370 acres for the purposes of organic farming, sustainable housing and energy and production. 

    Although it is obvious that the third world does not wish to remain the third world, it may not be as obvious that the system at large, has no intention to give them the opportunity to grow, but we are: With the right social support, we can collectively change the world for those who need it. Help transform this place of need, into a flourishing community which can then replicate the model with their neighbors, and beyond.

    To find out more about the foundation please log onto: http://www.anufoundation.org/

    To donate to our cause please log onto: https://www.generosity.com/education-fundraising/a-nu-foundation-texas-chapter/x/11133696

    We would like your help in doing the following event at the various urban colleges here in Texas. If you have any questions you can call me at 210-396-8331 or email me anytime. Thank you.

    I have attached our interviews and panels from the event that we did in Florida at FAMU college for Martin Luther King weekend.

    Here are the links. 




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