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The Power in Calmness

  • I attended a world Congress in Copenhagen Denmark. I think it was around 2009, with almost 900 participants from every continent. The Congress was titled Social Educators In A Globalized World. 

    I was living and studying in Finland and so represented Finland in the event.

    The President of Social Educators did the introduction of all countries represented in an alphabetical order. Suddenly he said...let's welcome our guest from Finland. The crowd cheered, clapped and even shook my hand as I stood.

    During coffee break a supposedly gentleman walked up to me.

    Sir, did you say you are from Finland? He asked.

    Yes Sir, I replied.

    But the last time I visited Finland the people there didn't look like you, he added.

    Oh really! That was the last time Sir. Nowadays due to global warming people in Finland look like me.

    The media swamped around me like bee colony for interview. For a moment, I felt like a star (smile)

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