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Keep All Blacks United

  • "We love everybody who love us, we don't love anybody who don't love us." -Malcolm X

    To me, those words hold true. The way I see it, why should someone try to force another person to love them or expect another person to treat them the same way they are treating  them. This doesn't apply to only other races, this also applies to those within our own race who choose to view one another as a enemy, criminal, or tyrant at first glance. Those people who love to say, "I don't like working with black people", "Black people are difficult",  "It was made by a black person..must be something wrong with it". Be careful of the company you keep because their ill thoughts and ideas could rub off on you.

    Keeping all blacks united isn't for all black people, it's for those who choose to be intellectuals and choose to look at their own people for who they truly are without any prejudice. Those who choose to unite under knowledge and love are shifting the trajectory of their families for years to come by setting the example of how black people should treat black people. 

    Do you love your people? Do you trust your people? How are you going about unifying the people? 

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