Everybody is down until you ask them to be down

  • Mostly everyone that signs up to this site has heard the term "group economics". Everyone has seen a meme of Baba Garvey "BE BLACK, THINK BLACK, BUY BLACK AND EVERYTHING ELSE WILL WORK ITSELF OUT". We are all familiar with Tulsa, Oklahoma black Wall street. Garvey purchased ships!! Do you think he was the only person paying for them? He had united 6 million Afrikans worldwide and some of them put they skin (money) in the game. If I was to equate this site to the UNIA movement right now our member support would be able to buy maybe 4 life jackets. We can do better but even in our newfound awakening we still hold onto that distrust that's been breed into our people. This site has 7014 members but only 43 supporting members, THAT'S THAT BULLSHIT I'M TALKING ABOUT!!!! If we truly lived the Garvey creed collectively we would have TOTAL control of this site, every member would be actively posting, donating, promoting this site and supporting the marketplace also. Not justifying why you don't want to pay $2.50 and explaining it on the same site you don't want to financially support. The reason fb ain't asking for money is WE ARE THE PRODUCT THEY ARE SELLING!! Everyone is at the ready with they phones in hand or sitting in front of a computer posting and proclaiming black power but when asked to do something REAL y'all niggas always front. I want you to feel away when I see you crying about the app or site not working properly and I ask you if your a supporting member. If your not putting your money up you have no reason to complain, you didn't complain to fb when they was changing your profile layout over and over again. You got uses to it and kept it moving. We need verbs here not ppl that want to ride the pine and bitch n moan when problems happen. Help us get our own web team, our own servers, help the stores in the marketplace they ain't there for show they running a business. We post about supporting black businesses and do the complete opposite on a black owned site. How ass backwards are we? You would think how many "I'm in fb jail" posts I've seen you'd think this site would have 10,000 members by now but that's not the case. Collectively we talk a good game but I've seen asking for money exposes those that ain't really about solidarity.

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