My reasoning for boycotting the professional sports plantation

  • Peace family with this year's football boycott proposal I wanted to ask why are people ready to boycott? I get it, a brother took a stand by taking a knee. We know the owners are a group of old racist millionaires. They are standing together but I know most of my brothers will be watching football regardless. We want a racist to lease Kap and we're happy again? I watched the Pats get caught recording their opponents practicing and no one was fired. The little league baseball team had a boy that lived in another zip code and the team was stripped of they're championship. I've seen refs in both football and basketball say they was told how to call the game because they was told who the winner is. I'm not knocking the blood, sweat, time, practice that the players endure but a millionaire will cheat to win. You want to boycott something boycott the sponsor's of these sports. This corporation only respects money and violence. We're not going out banging on them so let's economically castrate the whole system.

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