We can't play chess without making chess moves.

  • I hear that "its chess not checkers" for many different situations. The situation I'd like to build on is our collective melanated experience in this country. Now we've seen the same charges different penalties, we know this country was build with the intent to not honor our ancestors, traditions, etc. We've seen how we've been treated and are still being treated. Now if it's a game of chess being played we're not even at the table, we're playing a whole different game. A game of not trusting the government but being generationally dependent on them. A game of not trusting anyone that looks like you but falling for anything others tell us. A game of not supporting our own but buying houses, cars and putting the kids of the stores owned by everyone else in our neighborhoods. That game is played out. If we gonna play we need to start playing chess. You know why our prison sentences are longer? One reason is the jury of OUR peers are ducking jury duty. So they're not there to stop the predominantly white jury from giving the max. You know why the black street festivals and park parties are grinding to a halt? Because we're not in these town hall meeting when these New New Yorkers are complaining about something that's been going on in our communities before they was born. But because they paying 2k on a studio they have a say. As crooked as we know this system is we can't play chess unless we're in it. Just like white inferiority flood the police force, judicial system, etc to further their agenda we have to flood also. Mother Maxine Waters needs some help up there. We need more of us that are like minded to be in these offices so we're in the room when they making decisions affect us all even when we don't fuck with the government. It's only going to be a chess game when we collectively and consciously start playing the politics game. Something small like voting for a sheriff could be big for us especially if it's in our communities. REPRESENTATION IS EVERYTHING.

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