Site updates.

  • Greeting Brothers and Sisters, We hope this blog entry finds everyone healthy and in good spirits. We're writing this blog to let all of our members know we've improved and stabilized the site. We aren't experiencing the problems and glitches we had before. We thank everyone that signed up to and we appreciate all of y'all. We took the criticism good, bad and indifferent and we're hoping to implement some changes and some improvements to give our members a better user experience. We know its been a rocky road but we knew these and greater obstacles would and will arise. We can't prove someone was sabotaging the site. All we can do is look at history of when we gathered for us by us only and see their tactics used to keep us divided. We want to ask you all to see the changes we have made and that the problems are gone, for yourself. It wasn't our intentions to make anyone feel like their opinions were not valid or listened to but we were in super life support mode with the site crashing, members unable to post, and a whole other host of problems, only to be told the problems were fixed when they weren't. It was extremely frustrating to say the least. Finally, we're seeing some light breaking through the dark clouds and we have been running glitch free for a little while now. We have changed our desktop view and we're looking to add more businesses to our marketplace. If your a business owner email or inbox one of the admins for details. We also have advertising space for sale also. This year we are hoping to implement more features that will put MelanatedPeople over the top as one of the highest ranking melanated owned social networks in the world. We couldn't have made it this far without your support and overstanding and we hope you will give us another chance to make this your home social network. So log in, check us out and let us earn your trust again, OUR LIBERATION IS OUR BUSINESS. Peace and Love Family Black Power The Melanated People Team

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