Why I dig this site

  • I think for me what I dig the most about this site is for the most part everyone let's each other live. I've seen everyone from Christians to Hebrew Israelites to spiritualists to ppl that practice Afrikan spirituality and I haven't seen a disrespectful exchange. For the most part if ppl disagree they just don't hit like or comment. There's a level of growth here I haven't seen on other black social media sites (not all). My thing is this, live YOUR TRUTH but have RACE FIRST in your heart and we're good. The Honorable Marcus Garvey was a Christian with a RACE FIRST, DO FOR YOURSELF, WE ALL WE GOT MENTALITY void of the internet and he reached 6 million. Melanated People isn't for everyone, we don't need those ppl that feel the need to challenge EVERYTHING not black enough for them. We don't need ppl that's constantly playing the victim. We don't need thirsty fuck boi's trying to screw every pretty smile. We have to be the example we want the world to see. Thanks for reading ABIBIFAHODIE 

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