Karma Cannot Be Erased

  • Grand rising Suns, Moons and Stars of the Highest.

    The way out is simple, karma cannot be erased when one continued in the way that incured it. It can be transmute when one realises that the karma he or she have incured is negative, due to his or her consistent/persistent thoughts, words and actions, and want nothing more to do with his or her former ways, then decides to turn 180° and start a new path in light and universal love. Immediately within the twinkle of an eye, he or she shall surely begin thereon to attract positive karma.

    This is the last vestige and the enemies of light and universal love are aware of the fact that their age/reign as overseers of humanity, the Earth and it resources is over.

    Now is the age/reign of the Suns, Moons and Stars of the Infinite Intelligence, the Almighty living and timeless day Star, The Real Universe TRU SUN OF THE GOD FORCE and THE TRU SUN OF MAN'S human experience on this transitory plane - with natural intelligence.

    Now the glory of the Kingdom/government of HEAVEN ON EARTH is manifested.


    Mind Nutrient Team

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