Lifting Consciousness

  • Ey3/I AM the song

    That was never sung

    Yet AM seen

    In far away places

    With my melody

    Ey3/I did travel

    Through the cosmos

    Bringing the Earth

    Magnetic field with m3

    My energy is the SUN

    Walking upon the body

    Of thy watered soul

    Ey3/I AM in awe

    Of thy frequency

    Always caressing

    My lonely vibration

    Thou art indeed

    My light

    The fire

    Upon which my day


    Wait no more

    For my physical


    Feel my touch

    In the air

    As you breathe

    Take the land

    As thy love

    Never let it

    Flee thy thoughts

    Waste no time

    To know thyself

    You are the music

    Thy universe

    Can't stop playing.

    You are more

    Than thy mortal


    See thee as

    The infinite bliss

    Never let thyself

    Be told

    What thou

    Cannot behold

    Read the signs

    Of the time

    And make haste

    To take thy flight.

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