Natural Intelligence Is Supreme

  • Artificial intelligence can never be a match or able to compete with the cosmic universal and natural intelligence of the fathering universe, in which we all are part of. But if you fail to return to your true and natural source of life o man, then you shall surely burn and be extinct with the artificial intelligence running the present world civilization. For it alotted time to reign on the planet is done, gone and over with. Be warned and be wise!

    Now let all who love light and universal love come on the stage. The corridors of power of nations are yours. Omly don't rule over anyone, in light and universal love shall you lead humanity and guide the planet into it righteous trajectory, and raise the collective consciousness of mankind to that of light intelligent beings. 

    We are in the Earth's threshing period, and it's imperative that we know and overstand where exactly we are at! There is no inbetween in the universe scheme of separation, is either you are hot or cold, light or darkness, good or bad, high or low etc. So Ey3/I admonish you all my brethren to consider where you stand, and stand therefore, with a clear sense of belonging and owning that which you host mentally and spiritually. For the SUN OF MAN is come to expose, disgrace and expel out of this plane everything unnatural/artificial. Please do not let because of all/what you are gaining from the artificiality make you stand in the way of NATURE: for you shall surely destroy yourself and your seeds with you. As the Real Universe TRU Spirituality is more SCIENTIFIC than it is mytbologically explained in organized religions: through the allergories and metaphors used to support it artificial existence.

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