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Religion Is Not True Spirituality

  • This is the major corruption of religion that it teaches you to believe and obey that that deliberately robbs you of the conscious realization, to know that you are the very aura, essence and pressence of the Godforce/Energy/Frequency/Vibration called God or Government. Religion was not designed to raise the collective consciousness of humanity to that of evolve intelligent light beings, which is the true genetic framework, anatomy or chemistry of this bio-spiritual temple we call human being. Taking you away from the light enlightenment cosmic intelligence of the dark matter consciousness, the metaphysical or supernatural awareness and oneness you share with the universe, the sun and nature.

    Therefore, making believers and worshippers with no clew or knowledge of whom they are believing in, and what they are worshipping. Their minds have being shutdown with flattery, while their understanding darkened with fiests and rituals. These people are like rockychair with a lot of effort, but no motion or distance covered. They are always learning but never come to the overstanding of the truth.

    Just as her Supreme Preietess/grand witch Erykah Badu rightly puts it: 85% of humanity are programmed and conditioned to be willing followers, 10% are masterminds/creators of all earthly activities they are using to take advantage and profit off the 85%. While 5% are watchers/observers, who are often assisinated, pushed aside and ignored by the 85&10% because they can see all what is going on and are always at war with the 10% who have hijacked the earth and it resources for their own permanent interest. This is not the time to be miopic in our thinking, we are engaged in a warfare with intelligences, and we cannot afford to let the fear of physical death of the body deter us from confronting these enemies intelligently. We do not deal with them physically but on an astral/abstract and intelligent level. As It's really amazing how great majority of humanity are completely and really unaware of that that the few ruling class are doing to them. They exist ovbliviously in the mental and spiritual pool of pathology and redundancy, seemingly alife but they are truly walking dead.

    Mind Nutrient Team

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