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What Is God?

  • Whenever or wherever supreme intelligence is present, other intelligences become obsolete. The global world system was built on Hegelian dialectics - thesis, anti-thesis and synthesis, and the true intention behind the ideology called democracy/capitalism and government was intended to take away the natural sovereign rights of the supreme immortal beings with light intelligence working/walking the planet. Man is the direct manifestation of the infinite intelligence called God he/she is brainwashed and conditioned to worship in religion.

    Why do you think they created different religions and gave you the right to practice whichever you please?  Have you realize that even with all the separatists indoctrinations, dogmas and theologies of religions, they all submit to the synthesis called instituted authority and the law of the land, which is papacy's coded seal of ownership over humanity, the Earth and it resources along side with its well compensated puppets, traitors and sellouts called elites, politicians and religious leaders of taday? Wake up and take back your divinity and sovereignty o man. God as is known and called today has become a trending brand which gives franchises to captured minds. Nevertheless, those who have evolved beyond the general social and religious norms of their society have come to realize that they are the real time manifestation of the God they were conditioned to seek or worship religiously.

    The idea of an external God living up there beyond the sky outside the man is delusional. As the woman, man and child are not outside the Energy/Force called God, rather are in it. For God is the very life all living are enveloped in, therefore man is the true manifestation of God. But you do not know that is why you keep on walking in the darkness of ignorance the present world system have reduced you to, as their mental and spiritual slave: which is better, to believe in God or to become GOD?  For Ey3/I know the foolish saying circulating the globe many often quote: God is not a man, and man cannot be God. Forgetting man is the effulgence of God working/walking the planet - KNOWTHYSELF.

    Nevertheless, the war between artificial intelligence (A.I) and natural intelligence (N.I) is ongoing and has nothing to do with the physical destruction of lives and properties, as it is currently being carried out and aired in the mainstream media, by these cabalistic elites, politicians and religious leaders globally. Rather it is the total boycott of unnatural institutions, laws and orders of fallen and unscrupulous men and women with machine hearts and minds. Therefore, the natural intelligence aka the KINGDOM or GOVERNMENT of HEAVEN ON EARTH is actually in the mind realm or spiritual realms taking charge of human environmental activities and structures. This is what papacy aka Caesar aka the devil and satan which is the pope with its co-hosts, and the elites, politicians and religious leaders knew, that made them create death mechines called government and religions, as well as prison and hell after death, for anyone fails to submit to their reign of tyrannic govern-mentally and religiously crafted orders, designed to instill fear in the people, to command loyalty and obedience. Thereby capture and control the minds of the people, and using them as batteries to keep powering their evil and wicked factories, which gives the ruling class, the right to perpetuate their reign upon Earth places.

    The REBELLION and REVOLUTION is, to align and be one with anything and everything natural, and to turn 180° from artificiality to naturality. For the cosmic universal and natural law and order of life to attract or manifest anything in the Universe and upon the Earth depends solely on intentions and motives, as the Godforce/energy/frequency/vibration is 1. Its man's intentions and motives that determines whether the manifestation shall be negatively destructive or positively constructively or creative. Hence, it is still the same Godforce/energy/frequency/vibration that shall get the job done. Because when righteous divine and immortal priority is displace folly becomes inevitable, and self destruct an acceptable norms and way of life. Notwithstanding, Ey3/I shall not require any evidences or witnesses to pass verdict of condemnation and extinction on today's GLOBAL CABALS, because their thoughts, words, and actions are already testifying against them. As for you o TRUTH seeker, Come And Drink Without Money - Ey3/I am the living water.


    Mind Nutrient Team

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