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You Are Not The Body

  • The truth is a journey no one can make you experience but yourself. There is no rules or code of conduct in meeting with the truth other than keeping an open mind. The reason the truth is not trending is because it's standing alone - don't be afraid to be different or stand alone. Hence, you must be willing to risk physical death and eternal damnation before the truth can embrace you. I am a voracious reader, and I can tell you that the information about the truth in books can do you no good without the conscious and determined effort to mate with it. Therefore,when the truth have absolute grip on you, it makes you dogged, rugged and fearless. There is no better archive or library hosting the truth, whereby we can go and peruse like that of observing, the universe, the sun and nature.

    We all have been lied to and made to believe and follow the trending nonsense: but still commonsense is precious, and the absence of it makes one susceptible to foolishness. The time has indeed come for us to realize the true purpose of capitalism, which is a complex, hypnotizing, addictive and destructive system with the sole intention and motive to steal the minds of humanity away from depending on the universe, the sun and nature's natural intelligence, and to plug us into anything and everything unatural and untrue. It is a system designed and laced with deciet, division and death, it is more than money itself, as it is the very life-force everything in today's world's system is running on.

    Hence the time is now for us to raise our conscious awareness to that of light intelligent being walking/working the planet. Often I receive the this question from family, friends and strangers asking me: "how can I open my 3rd or mindEy3 and activate my 6th Sense?" This is what I always say to them, until you start asking yourself these simple questions: what is the universe? What is the sun? What is nature? And what do I have to do with them or how do they affect the cause and effect of my life? Pondering on the answers you shall begin to receive to these questions shall surely wake you up into the realization of self and the oneness you share with the universe, with the sun and with nature. Unless we are aware of the true source of the life we host bodily and learn to love and fuse to it, we cannot love our self or others the way we should.

    When love becomes your daily song, your breath literally lights up our solar system with unity and peace. When love becomes your daily work, it automatically exposes the uselessness of money. When love becomes your daily vision, you immediately realizes that there is no use for that tel-lie-vision. Let love be your mission and we all shall have no choice but to submit to love decisions. Love is the true currency transmission of the universe. Love is the reason for the universe sound, light, frequency and vibration of the energy we all host bodily call life. This is my mind dedication, to exude love to all the NATIONS globally.

    No doubt many are deceived and made to buy into the lie, that until we affiliate with one of these organized religions of the world, we cannot know or experience true and lasting love which is false. Are they Muslims? So Ey3/I am from the womb to the day of my birth of which Ey3/I got the name ALIYU. Are they Christians? Even so Ey3/I am still by conversion and grafting according to the grace of baptism into Christ, in which Ey3/I was Christened GOODNESS. Are they Hebrews? Even this too Ey3/I never denied myself the right to have mental and spiritual intercourse and fellowship through experience - giving me the name Efuaikhiye Yahinnergy. Then seeing through the lenses of the Torah, the Bible and the Quran, Ey3/I realized the allegories and metaphors speaks of something deeper than the literal interpretation, explanation and meaning preachers often gives to justify their doctrines and dogmas.

    This got me really curious and asking absurd and daring questions, which opens me up to the logic in the theologies and grants me the insightful reasoning behind the ideologies of religions. B U M! The veil was lifted and the connection with the cosmic universal and natural law and other of life was unmasked, and the link became more evident and clear: someone or groups of conspirators are hiding or protecting something. What is it they are hiding and protecting? Ey3/I find myself asking me the question, then Ey3/I employed listening to my intuition and questioning my perception, and disciplining my mind to know discernment  and called out to the infinite intelligence to come to my aid. W A L A H! My Eyes was opened and Ey3/I saw our ancestors descending from the Sun, who showed up and handed me a scroll with the titled: The Science of Spirituality.

    Hastily I opened the scroll and the first sentence virtually knocked me out and Ey3/I fell into a trance, in which  my consciousness was suspended as though Ey3/I was floating in the air, then Ey3/I heard myself saying, "God is the Energy, frequency and vibration of the Universe, the Sun and Nature." Immediately Ey3/I was taken by an indescribable wheel of fire headed for the Sun, the journey was like a blink of an Ey3/I, and while in the wheel deadly fierce and violent clouds launched an assault against it, as if it were to pull it back down to the Earth. Then suddenly my mindEy3 was opened and Ey3/I saw how the greenish-blueish fire in which the wheel is engulfed by, melting the clouds faster than light speed. Then Ey3/I heard a voice speaking to me saying: "the clouds are the collective consciousness of the governments of the nations and the religions which have held humanity bound under gravity, to have their dwellings among the dead. Cutting mankind off from their divinity to be mental and religious slaves to artificiality and materialism. They are the elites, politicians and religious leaders of politics, religions, educations, fashions and entertainments." Suddenly Ey3/I regained consciousness to this planetary vibration s, and it dawn on me that that was a trance Ey3/I was just privileged to experienced.


    Mind Nutrient Team.

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