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Sun Flight

  • When Ey3/I was dead

    To my metaphysical self

    Ey3/I thought myself 

    Alive in this world

    Then Ey3/I was loved by many 

    And also accepted by more

    But now AM resurrected

    And alife in the ASTRA

    Only to realize that

    Ey3/I AM dead

    To this artificial world

    Who have taken away

    My natural existence in nature

    And how long have Ey3/I 

    Been sleeping in the SPIRIT

    Surely the universal TIME

    Shall give me the answer

    Not when AM yet trapped

    In man made clock

    Who can restore 

    The natural TIME of nature

    And discard this

    Artificial clock of man

    Truly the SUN

    Is the universal TIME keeper

    To it Ey3/I must 

    Set my flight

    Now Ey3/I see the gate 

    To the HEAVENS opened

    And the SUN is the major

    Llight shining through

    The darkness of it core 

    Now my soul call out

    To thee o SUN OF MAN

    My light and crown

    Lift me up to thee

    As thou have clothed 

    Me in thy LIGHT

    And with thy universal LOVE