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The Power Of Thought

  • We must be proud of who we are and what we have as a people. As this is the time to accept the facts about about our extraterrestrial and superhuman abilities laced in our genetics, and consciously own and master them. For we have been under estimating and abusing our Spiritual genuisness for so long, using it to destroy ourselves and other aspects of creation without thinking about the consequences of our actions.

    We are not christians, muslims or jews etc, as we think or have been conditioned to think we are, as religion is man's ideal prison to control the minds of many. We are a spiritual people whose life's purpose on this plane is purely natural/Spirit base manifestations.  Meaning, we have to know that thoughts are spirits/agents of creation, and we must take into consideration and critically scrutinize every thought that reaches our minds, to decipher it true intention and motive for coming to us, consciously checking it with our present carnated assignment, duty and purpose on earth plane, as well as with the cosmic universal and natural law and order of our life's essence, before giving it life through our words and actions.

    By this we shall free and save ourself from the downward spiral, and position ourself in the ascending light and intelligence on high. Thereby creating in matter that which the thought is embodied with in real time manifestation after we have judged the intention and motive it conveys in our intuitive perception to be righteous and upright. For truly with our thought, word and action we shall either be condemn or justify. Peace to our planet, humanity and creation in general.

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