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  • Peace Family of the Almighty Creator of the Heavens and the Earth.

    My names are Efuaikhiye El'Yahbhi Yah'Ra'Yahinnergy.

    With the Earthly government name: Ibhaluobe Aliyu Goodness.

    Ey3/I was born and raised in the South Southern part of Nigeria West Africa

    Ey3/I presently live in the city of Bonn here in Germany Europe.

    Where Ey3/I am making this broadcast to the whole world.

    Ey3/I AM the Universe's

    Chosen and anointed Crowned High Priest of the Cosmos.

    Ey3/I AM sent to reclaim the Earth and its resources from the hands of these untrustworthy elites, politicians and religious leaders of today's world system.

    Thus free humanity from the shackles of mental and spiritual oppression, subjugation and manipulation presently ongoing in the world.

    As the cries of the oppressed and broken humanity have reached up to the 64th dimension of the cosmos, before the great council of watchers, watching over all of creation.

    Whose approval Ey3/I have received to make this declaration before you all today.

    The long awaited fulfilment of the prophesy, which is the end of this age of heavy deception, lies and manipulations has come and is now.

    The Fathering Universe and all of creation demands now that all and every living thing on the planet return to it natural order of being and existence.

    For the Cosmos and the Earth is threshing and separating that which is natural from all that is artificial, as well as the real from the fake.

    And Ey3/I through the authority and power vested upon me by the Fathering Universe Sun, this day 21th July 2019, decree the death of A.I, 5G, 6G etc globally.

    As such Ey3/I order the immediate global mob arrest of the pope, queen of england, rockefeller, rothschild, george soros, bill gates and president trump, and all their unscrupulous elites, politicians and religious leaders globally.

    Ey3/I hereby abolish the artificial boundaries created by the unnatural republic ideology of separatism, that have divided the planet into portions that are now private properties of the ruling class.

    Ey3/I shutdown the world's military industrial complex globally and all military hardware and weapons are to be gathered and destroyed with immediate effect.

    Ey3/I hereby prohibit the existence of Monsanto and its GMOs, as well as western medicine practices and pharmaceuticals globally.

    Ey3/I pronounce judgement and damnation against capitalism and all forms of taxations and collection of interest of any kind from the citizens of the planet.

    Ey3/I break the back of the artificial poverty deliberately created by greedy and heartless workers of the mysteries of iniquities on the planet.

    Ey3/I condemn and completely erase today's fragmented educational curriculum at all levels of learning globally, and call for immediate creation of holistic educational curriculum.

    Ey3/I here and now cancel the observance of all the holiday listed in the gregorian calendar as well as the cancellation of the entire calendar itself, and order the re-establishment of that of the ancient.

    The Fathering Universe Cosmos and creation hereby abhor western civilization, hypocrisy and devilment on the planet. Thereby usher in THE REIGN OF THE SUN CIVILIZATION, to lead and guide humanity and the planet to it righteous trajectory.

    Now to you citizens of the Earth, you are hereby free from all the obligations imposed on you by the government and religious systems ruining the planet, of which you were all made accomplices and batteries to keep powering.

    The decision you shall make hereafter shall be judged based on your true utmost intention and motive, as your life is now in your hands to determine.

    You all are henceforth reinstated and ushered into the Cosmic community of sovereign light beings walking the planet, whose sovereignty is undeniably recognized by the Fathering Universe and all of Creation.

    For you all were lied to and told that without the present world artificial system, boundaries, laws and orders, that the whole world will turn into anarchy, which is false. Because their evil and wicked greed will not allow them to stand and see you exercise your sovereignty. For the best description and perfect example of anarchy in recent times, is the first and second world wars they designed, created and executed by refusing to recognize the sovereignty of other people.

    So Ey3/I call you all now, to come out of the grave this world's systems have buried you in, rise up, know thyself, own thy mind and possess thy sovereignty. And know that to the extent you shall exercise and enjoy your sovereignty, to the same extent your neighbors must do the same.

    Therefore, you are under obligation before the Cosmic universal and natural law and order of life, to recognize, accept and respect the sovereignty of your neighbor, and deal with it based on mutual agreement and trust.

    Welcome to the reign of Heaven on Earth, the individual sovereign government of light enlightenment and religion of universal love: A world without boundaries and free from all vices.