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  • Open your mind and see

    Your eyes are just to read

    Don't let your life be siege

    Trying to fit into deceit

    The world we live is wring

    By those we cannot see

    They decide what we think

    Through how they pull their strings

    Daily we rise to face their weep

    Working to pay their bills

    With no time to rest at least

    Only to die and rest in peace

    Leaving the rest of us in grief

    Hear me now I dare to plead

    While you can still have rethink

    You are more than the bread you need

    Don't sell your soul to feed

    Like them that cannot think

    Who love to settle for defeat

    As broken men they are hand-picked to lead

    By the system that cannot stand the real

    Because they fear the intelligence of the ethereal

    Which exposes their mysteries

    This is why they call us the lunatics

    By daring to stand against their greed