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  • First, there is no such thing as someone who doesn't believe in anything: even as new awareness and realization of higher consciousness of understaning/overstanding called GNOSIS, which is higher than believe is already happening globally - It is the experiential knowledge of mental and Spiritual enlightenment one receive benevolently from the higher source/cosmos. The knowing that one has even when you are not connected/affiliated to any humanly organized believe/belief system, but you just intuitively know that you are plug into a higher unseen, unknown, untouched source of light and life you now carry about bodily. No living being/thing on the planet can deny it presence, and to attempt to do so means you are lying to yourself which is worse. We are all containers of the ALMIGHTY POWER we call light and life. We must know that our mind consciousness and the temperament of our being are the conduits through which our thought, word and action are born. We are not the body, and whatever/whoever is making this body moves and function,  we can't afford  not to know it for ourself individually/personally. We truly do not need any intermediary as messiah/savior. pastor, iman, rabi, guru or whatsoever to interface with it. All we just need do is, to turn on the switch - bum! The LIGHT is ON!! KNOW THYSELF!!!

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