Speak up!

  • Silence is consent

    Do not confuse it for absent

    You said you are not with them

    How come you are wearing their emblem

    You claim to be neutral

    But you keep reciting their mantra

    This is not the time to be passive

    And not when your actions to them prove to be active

    As nothing is done without purpose

    Even so you cannot fake your repose

    We have been deceived to accept artificial intelligence

    That have stole away our natural ingenuousness

    Now the planet is taken over by unnatural presence

    Robbing us all of our natural existence

    As there is no smoke without fire 

    So we cannot afford to be tire

    Is better we unite, fight and die

    Than stay divided to continue living the lie

    The presence of real masculinity is not seen by what you wear

    Rather it is revealed or manifested by what you refuse to fear

    The path to freedom and complete liberation is full of danger

    Yes it is better to confront the danger than live in your land as stranger

    This is my call to all revolutionary comrade

    Let come together to amplify our courage

    The corridors of leadership are filled with traitors

    Unless we act now we shall continue to be slaves to democratic dictators.

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