We is one

  • We is the code of the Atum/Atom called humanity - there are no races but the human race.

    We is the bonding elements shares - which empowers them to give light and life.

    We is the voice of Ubuntu - I am because you are.

    We is the essence of the Creator - let us make man in our image and likeness.

    We is the strength of unity - injustice to one is injustice to all.

    We is the foresight of wisdom - do unto others as you want them to do to you.

    We is the real and true economics of nature - you are not wealthy until we are all wealthy.

    We is the real and true spirit of leaders - Ey3/I am not okay unless the people are okay.

    We is the spiritual life blood of heaven - we are one human family sharing the same water, air, land and fire.

    We is the real and true gate to freedom - united we stand and divided we fall.

    We is the beauty and joy of life - freely the Universe have given you and freely you must give too.

    We is the divine standard of real and true government - no leader is suppose to be bigger than the people he or she is leading.

    We is the courage and power of real and true patriots - selfless service is a sign indicating the presence of liberators.

    We is the anointing upon the heads of real and true leaders - leading by example is the best way to attract authentic people.

    We is the only reason Ey3/I have BECOME revolutionary - there is nothing personal about my life anymore.

    We is the only solution to the problems in the world - many are trapped in the perception of me, myself and I.

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