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How much energy in a falling mass, for energy storage

  • Ancient cultures have always looked to using weight as a method of storing energy, from the first cranes who used counter weights as balancing masses to build structures 

    To uses of water wheels 

    Here I will be covering how to figure out how much energy you have 

    And how much energy you can of this amount, just like you can't squeeze every drop of orange juice out of a orange you can't get every bit of energy out of anything 

    Start by knowing the mass of the object 

    Let's say you have 200 kilograms in weights 

    And your roof is 10 meters up (thats about 30 feet)

    To calculate this your. Just need to know how hard is the object in pushing down (the force of it's weight) 

    And how far it can push that hard 

    Force =mass x acceleration 

    and energy= force over a distance

    So we know the mass 200kg

    The acceleration is the rate at which things speed up as they fall 

    On earth this is 9.8meters per second per second 

    So every second the falling object is going 9.8 meters per second faster 

    So if the force 

    So 200 x 9.8 = 1960 

    For the force is constantly 1960

    But for how far 

    Well your roof is 30 meters high 

    So 1960 x 30 =58,800

    is just the number of " joules" or 

    watts seconds 

    But what to can you power with this and for how long 

    Well to determine this look at the wattage of your appliance or item 

    Lets say a good LED bulb so 10 watts 

    If you divide the watt seconds by the wattage you will get the time you can use them for 

    So 58800/10= 5880 seconds 

    Hmm seconds arent useful many minutes 5800/60 =


    So 98 minutes 

    1 hour and a half of lighting for a room it's reasonable but also sucks 

    What if I had 300kilos ? How long will the light stay on?...

    What if I use a ham radio instead and it draws

    40 watts of power ?

    How long will it last ?

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