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how to make a fridge from trash. WARNING DANGEROUS

  • This is an easy but extremely dangerous process 

    But once sealed it is not only a great cooling tool but also reusable simply by heating the water side

    Requires 3 parts  

    a strong steel chamber set consisting of 2 chambers and a pipe connecting the top at the top a valve is recommended between the two

    water  purified is better 

    And pure Ammonia 

    1/4-2/5 of 1 chamber filled with water 

    1/4 to 2/5 of the second chamber filled with ammonia 

     connect the 2  chambers and be sure there are absolutly no leaks even a slow leak can kill you in a house if you are concerned put it outside 

    You are done 

    It's that easy 

    The water side of the ball will get rapidly very cold and remain so as long as the Valve is open between the two or until the ammonia fully fills the water ability to absorb it or runs out 

    You can separate them again by opening the valve and heating the water side be sure not to use to hot of a heat you want to heat the water to drive out the ammonia from it to the other side but  NOT BOIL THE WATER 

    Take care and be safe 

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