Let Us Be Our Own Solution

    No longer do we have time to complain about what we already know is wrong. No longer can we try to scrape up the dried milk from centuries ago with the mirage of flow. The land is containminated & anything which is produced is also containminated. We must move on to where We can flourish and grow.  Removing the maggots from the water does not make it fit for consumption, no more than cooking excrement at high tempertures removes bacteria.

    The Concept of Black Unity is unimaginable if you have only seen it through the tightly closed eyes of the One being beaten and whipped by their unity. However, if you can take a moment between the lashes to see they have made You believe their individual clusters outnumber Thee. Take a moment look back and see they had to separate Us in order for them to have unity. As the majority You are a threat but when you are defined as a Minority you're automatically suspect. Not just in America but across the  World you see, this was done intentionally, to make Us believe we have no home and no family tree.

    Because of this illgotten belief we are blinded believing we are stripped of dignity. Please my Onyx Brothers & Sisters open Your eyes and You will see they are afraid you will regain the True Knowledge of Your History. 

    I am Faith Hope and I would like to build a cooperative with you.  I believe no matter what We want to build We can as a Collective.  We need Our own SAAS systems, factories, farms, hospitals, logistics and more.  I believe if We can sector into groups of 1,000  with $1,000 we can accomplish anything We put Our Minds to.

    What is it that You want to build and need Your Brothers and Sisters to help with that Our Community needs everyday?

    My first initiative is Black Beauty Cooperative. However, although this will keep money in Our Community and create jobs for thousands, it is not an industry which affects the overall well being of Our Elders and Youth such as technological products like solar panels, water purification systems or training for job creation.  We need Our own media, this includes radio and towers.

    Looking forward to feedback from ALL who have solutions. You can join the Group 1kx1k for any building outside of the beauty industry or Black Beauty Cooperative, if You want to be a part of opening 3,600 stores by 2047.

    Will You be part of building Our New Nation with Me? 


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