• Ways to the Solution


    What is 1,000 x 1,000? 500 x 2,000? 250 x 4,000? 100 x 10,000? The answer remains the same.

    Sometimes there are many ways to the same destination and sometimes a new path must be forged. Today there are ways already available to Us that are just not being utilized. There are literally thousands of cooperatives worldwide that we use everyday thinking it is owned and operated by one person, family or corporation; when it is actually is a cooperative. 

    Ace Hardware, SC Johnson, Best Western Hotels, Ocean Spray, Dairy Farmers of America, credit unions and so many more are ALL cooperatives. Most of these organizations have been around before some of us were born.  We can all individually set up kiosks and have full control of every aspect but, how can you replicate that as one person with the same control? How can you make sure the business keeps moving even when you cannot? How can you ensure their will be more than enough to create reserves and jobs for your children and community? This can only be sucessful when you see the business as being bigger than yourself and more than a side hustle. 

    That is why I believe we should sector into our trades, professions and passions to collectively build global organizations.  The Groups BLACK BEAUTY COOPERATIVE and 1kx1k is for this purpose to start coming together to talk about opening chains instead of a location.  I have invested into digital real estate and have experience in new company start ups, business plan creation and more. I also make the videos you see on the Our Black Truth platform and did the websites & These sites are where you are directed to when visiting until we have a cooperative with more than one member, wink.  

    Most companies do not require a million in capital however depending on the business model it may especially if the plan is to own and build from the ground up initially or if equipment is needed.  That is the reason for the mathematics at the beginning of this entry to let you see the power of numbers and the ability to quanitify quickly. Part of the plan includes every single member creating a cloned registry on our own sites to ensure our backlinks can push our collective brand as the authority. I do not know everything although I know alot I know each day is a day to learn something new and implement recited. I have been working on systems and your help is needed.

    It is my heart's desire you will build with me and start a new wave of Black Owned Cooperatives. 

    Join the Groups, visit the websites or message me. 

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