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Build A Cooperative With Me ( Entry 3)



    Did you know there is a simple and free way to help every black owned business that has an online presence? Did you know that this help can be incognito to your current clientel & help provide your website with more weight for the Search Engines? 


    It is simple as adding another tab to your website's menu button and placing a recommended sites or similiar verbiage there; the next & final step would be to simply to place the recommended business' website address on the page ensuring it links back to the other website sucessfully. That's It! Of course you can contact the business for their permission to use their photos, videos or other content.  You can also name the menu tab blank so it cannot be clicked on. If you really want to get weight, add a website page for each referenced site, to your website.


    Imagine what would happen to your website traffic if you had 50 or more backlinks.  This is another reason why building a cooperative with me or those you share a passion with, can be mutually beneficial for Us.


    It is my heart's desire we can build together. I stand ready to build with these stones that I've saved, which were cast upon me. What will you do with yours? Will you cast them back or build a fortress with me?


    If you are ready to direct Our energy towards construction Join the Group 1kx1k for building outside the beauty industry.  If you are interested in building a global beauty chain join the Group Black Beauty Cooperative. 


    Blessings & Peace,

    My Sisters & Brothers 

    Let's Build! 

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